Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the US. By 2019, Walmart is known to have the largest market share in the grocery sector with control over more than a quarter of the market. This growth rate is expected to grow further in the near future. The reason behind Walmart’s growth is the affirmative trust of numerous brand-loyal customers who always visit the physical stores of Walmart to purchase their groceries.

With an increasing trend to purchase groceries online after the invention of Amazon, Walmart also stepped up to launch its online store with the name of “Walmart Marketplace”. The aim was to facilitate its customers with the convenience of online Walmart service and get quality products at their doorstep with just one click. In addition to this, it also runs the “Walmart Seller Center” to assist sellers all across the globe to run a successful online business on the aforementioned platform and sell their products to a vast number of amazing brand-loyal Walmart customers. This provides assurance of business growth and increased profits due to an already established name of the store chain across the US.

The designated team of Spectrum BPO, therefore, will provide top-notch Walmart consultation services for your Walmart Seller Center account. Our Walmart experts will fully assist new sellers with the registration process to be eligible to sell on Walmart Seller Center. From initial form submission to the final test purchase process, Team Spectrum BPO will provide professional support in making your listings go live on Walmart. If you already have an existing account on Walmart, we will facilitate you with the following services:

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If you are a new seller, Walmart will require you to list some products and then make a test purchase from your end to make sure that the customers face no issues when your listing goes live. This is a mandatory procedure with which Team Spectrum will fully guide you with our specialized Walmart experts that make sure that all the processes required to make the account live end up smoothly and you immediately start getting orders upon your published listings.

Our Walmart marketing experts will also efficiently deal with customer queries and messages on your Walmart Seller Center account. Our professional experts possess top-notch communication skills and thus they will effectively deal with all sorts of queries of your Walmart customers.

Our highly professional Walmart marketing experts will manage your incoming orders along with prompt tracking updates so that the customers are informed as soon as the order is dispatched to their address from Walmart facilities. Moreover, if they want to return the product or ask for a refund, our Walmart experts will make sure that all returns are managed smoothly without a glitch.

If you want high-quality optimization for your Walmart listing images, our top-notch graphic designers will serve you with delicious imagery that will attract customers at first glance. As soon as your products start to build up on impressions, they will instantly appeal to the customers to click and add your products in their cart. All this will happen due to the high-resolution photos that will not get scrolled up in Walmart search pages without a click!

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