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Amazon is one of the fastest growing companies in the world , going above and beyond to facilitate the shoppers by giving them the shopping experience of their lifetime. More and more people want to have a piece of the pie and are joining in as sellers of this eCommerce giant. A large influx of new sellers with each passing day is a new norm. Amazon is known as the "customer-obsessed" company but also takes initiatives now and then that help sellers to sell efficiently and effectively and make the most of their selling journey.

Spectrum's spread of services and the volume of projects that we receive only allowed us up until now to accommodate sellers that have a huge catalog and need managing a greater chunk of their operations on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Whereas small sellers who have just started and are finding it difficult to navigate through all the complexities of the Amazon marketplace mostly are left at the mercy of solo freelancers as we couldn't accommodate them in our large working model. However, things have started to change at Spectrum and we are happy to announce the BEGINNERS PLAN for all those new sellers who have up to 5 SKUs in their catalog and are more than welcome to apply and avail of a plethora of services pertaining to the full-service Amazon account management, all accessible to them under the Beginners plan package.

1. Catalog Management:

New sellers come in with admirable enthusiasm. But this can quickly turn into a nightmare if things didn’t go as planned. Therefore, the initial setup and configuration of the eCommerce platform are crucial to avoid facing problems down the road. Similarly, getting your products listed on Amazon the very first time is a bit more than what you would expect. There are certain technicalities involved and spectrum having years of experience is well versed in all of these Amazon hurdles that might put some new sellers on the back foot and demotivate them from pursuing their dream. Spectrum, not only manages to put your catalog seamlessly up for sale but also provides ongoing dedicated support so you don’t run into any possible Account health problems, suppressed listings, other policy violations, etc. We are specialized in keeping your account profitable and competitive.

2. Listing Optimization & SEO:

Listing optimization and SEO is the most critical aspect of selling on Amazon. Here, you mainly and should be answering three main questions that the buyers have in their minds while they browse for products. What is the product? How is this going to serve my purpose? and how do I get it? We get the clicks and ultimately the sale, only if we succeed in answering these questions. Good thing is that Amazon Algorithm also loves this type of information and your listings are deemed suitable to be suggested to the customers in their search results. Spectrum will make your listings relevant to the buyers’ search queries and Amazon algorithm alike by crafting clear and compelling titles, designing high-quality gallery images depicting clarity in the usage and features of the products, and copywriting concise and informative bullet points, engaging descriptions, and relevant back end search terms. Most new sellers strive for discoverability but that shouldn’t be the only struggle or end goal. If accompanied by the desirability element, the product listing will garner more clicks hence improving the click-through rate and conversion rate. Spectrum gears up your product listing with SEO for relevancy and performance. So your product gets shown to the relevant traffic, helps them and the Amazon Algorithm understand what it is and for whom it is intended. This not only improves the Click-Through rate and Conversion rate but also helps in organic ranking, gradually moving the listing up in the search results. Once the listing starts ranking organically for the relevant keywords, organic sales start pouring in. Thus, considerably lowering your advertising cost down the road.

3. Advertising:

New sellers sometimes get confused as to why they aren’t getting any sales despite having the listing properly set up and optimized with all the prerequisites mentioned above. This is because Amazon has become a pay-to-play platform. In simple words, you have to feed the beast to survive and thrive. Running Ad campaigns on Amazon has become a necessity to compete with other sellers. From campaign structuring to execution and reporting, Spectrum’s day-to-day PPC Ads Management service helps you stay ahead of the competition by combining human intelligence with powerful tools to execute goal-based new campaigns and optimize existing campaigns faster. We consistently track ad results to optimize for performance and ensure complete transparency through real-time communication, weekly reporting updates, and monthly performance reviews.

4. Brand Development & Logistics;

If you’re just starting with a few products and haven’t yet thought about branding. No worries, Spectrum will help and guide you through all that. After all, developing a brand helps you secure your listings from hijackers, and allows you to make use of all the benefits reserved for brands such as EBC/A+ content, Brand Story, and Storefront, to name a few. Your storefront is practically the only destination where competitors’ ads don’t show up so that’s a huge advantage of having it and being able to showcase all of your catalogs to prospective buyers without any fear of distraction. Last but not least, with brand registration in place, you get improved advertising opportunities to have a better reach and brand awareness.

Similarly, to keep your listings in good standing, Spectrum’s logistics & Inventory Management expertise will guide your business through the thick and thin by efficiently utilizing Amazon’s Logistics & Fulfillment capabilities to your advantage. It’s crucial to start on the right footing and keep note of this important metric know as the IPI score (Inventory Performance Index) and any other possible violations that may take place. With Spectrum’s foolproof inventory planning and management expertise, say farewell to unanticipated stockouts and ramp up the sales in no time. When your stock doesn’t run out at the most needed, then you can expect good reviews and more sales.

You’ll get all things that an established seller gets when he signs up with us. Leverage multiple capabilities at a fraction of cost, all in-house under the same roof. What you might call expense, we call our strength. It’s much better than running after solo freelancers for all of your basic needs of various expertise. If you have a small catalog of up to 5 SKUs, then this 40 hrs./ Month (2 hrs. /day) Beginners plan is the ideal one to get started, scale, and set yourself up for success. See ya on the other side 🙂

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