Although you can find handmade products on several other online marketplaces and physical grocery stores, however, Etsy is specifically designated to offer handicraft masterpieces. With a versatile range available of purely hand made and vintage goods, Etsy store collections include art sensations, classic home decor, charming jewelry, fascinating wear stuff, and much much more. Therefore, if you are searching for an ideal digital platform that markets your hand-made products to the right segment, then Etsy is the place you should get your products listed on immediately. As a result, you will get full value out of your venture in the form of increased sales and profitability. Therefore, to accommodate all types of craftsmanship firms, Team Spectrum BPO will effectively manage the Etsy store of their clients by doing:


  • Manual Listings
  • Bulk Listing
  • Customer Service
  • Orders
  • Returns and Refunds Management 
  • Tags Research
  • Keywords Research
  • Images Editing and Designing