eBay account optimization is another addition to our broad service range. Being an online auction and shopping website, it will allow your business to sell out numerous types of products with versatile pricing options. To build a strong business relationship between buyers and sellers, eBay offers a dual feedback system where along with buyer’s feedback about your product, you can also rate your customers as a seller for their dealing with your business. Although eBay charges the sellers a particular fee for listing products, they are a few bucks worth spending for the sake of your business. Consequently, it will certainly produce huge returns for your business in the form of growth in sales to a large customer segment that uses eBay. To foresee your business success along with you, our delicate team will work on the following eBay tasks:


  • Product Listing
  • Keyword Research
  • Image Editing
  • Customer Support
  • Orders and Returns Management
  • Promoted Listings Management
  • Key Seller Metrics Management
  • Dropshipping
  • Store-Front and Listing Template Design