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Spectrum in its entirety has become a symbol of excellence in the ecommerce space. Not long ago, this was just a dream of few that manifested into a full blown entrepreneurial endeavor and since then, there is no looking back.

Just like any small business in its early days that strives hard to be heard and not get bulldozed over by the competitors, we did what we could to survive and win. Luckily, deep down, we were a fighting bunch with a never giving up attitude. Tapping the unknown has been one of our core strengths, whether it be the tools or a new strategy that was destined to fail but we tried. Because there was always something to learn at the end.




About US

E-commerce wasn’t always a big thing in the late past but we were upright in our decision that it could be the next big thing in the future, thus jumping in right away back in 2008. Initially the efforts were mainly drawn towards the selling of our own goods in various marketplaces. That era marked the beginning of our self actualization and who knew at the time that soon the experience and expertise would compound into a multitude of capabilities that could potentially benefit others on the same boat.

This led to founders taking the initiative of bringing the services side to limelight in the form of Spectrum BPO in 2017 that would soon become the bedrock of success for the majority of sellers who are finding it difficult to steer through the hurdles that eCommerce business has to offer.

We branched out quickly and enormously!

Wait! What’s that?

The organizational way of working has seen a drastic shift over the past decade mainly due to the onslaught of technological revolution that has shaped the economies at a vast scale. The importance of outsourcing and the shift towards the digital era for uplifting and promoting businesses was soon felt a necessity. Similarly, there emerged a huge market gap of professionals that could do the job without having themselves bound to the company’s internal structures and liabilities. E-commerce companies on the other hand were also looking out for reliable resources to hand them over a part of their businesses without having to worry about all the things “burden” that comes along with having an in-house employee.

There was a much better way in between all of this Fiasco.

A Holistic approach: We felt a strong need for it.


Mainly due to the fact that it’s not viable for the ecommerce companies to waste their time and resources in hunting specialized resources for each set of specialized tasks separately. This practice could take a large chunk of organizational hours that could otherwise be utilized elsewhere in some important business affairs. In the online world, such companies are left off at the mercy of Solo Freelancers.

Why not tap the gap!

Spectrum BPO officially purchased an offshore facility back in 2019 to house all the eCommerce experts at one place under the same roof. When the client comes with their problem, it is made sure that all of the elements involved within that problem are taken care of in a holistic way by triggering various experts into motion. This shapes the project in a well defined manner so that nothing is left unheeded or should there arise a need for external resources, Spectrum BPO has the capability to hire that resource for good. Efficient utilization & availability of the dedicated expert resources all under one roof boosts clients satisfaction and gives them ample time to focus on what’s best for their business other than hiring and firing dilemmas.

We have grown tremendously big since the beginning. Hence, systems are being devised to cater both for the client’s and our own needs of efficiency and effectiveness. Something that can give more automation and less manuality in managing the brands. We have established our reputation as a leading Digital eCommerce service provider through hard work, transparency, honesty, dedication, smart executions and consistency. These values function as the main pillars of our team’s based structure/working model. Something that makes us proud all day long on each day of our lives!


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