about us

Starting from humble beginnings in 2006, Spectrum has grown from a small 1 room operation servicing 2 companies to now having 2 state of the art operations centers and servicing an array of companies from small startups to established multi-million dollar companies. Spectrum is unique in that all the founders are entrepreneurs with a combined 48 years of experience in areas of eCommerce, Retail, Wholesale and Professional Services. It all started when the founders realized a need for affordable help to scale their own businesses in 2006. Enjoying the benefits and savings in our own businesses, we realized how valuable this can be for other entrepreneurs. Since then, we’ve been helping businesses scale their operations and grow.

  • 2006

    started in single room office

    As all good ideas, it started as a simple solution to a problem. We needed a few good employees to support a growing business. Budget was tight, so we opened a small off-shore office.

  • 2008

    first client

    Word got out in the local business community and we we're approached by our first client. We had no idea how far we would go. What drove us was knowing that we could provide a a valuable service at costs nobody could beat.

  • 2010

    first operations center

    When you're able to provide exceptional service at a great value, people notice. We quickly gained new clients and moved to our first operations center.

  • 2014

    second operations center

    A second operations center was opened to keep up with growth. Spectrum is continuing to grow, expanding into to areas of business needs.

how can we help you?

Contact us at our US office, or send your requirements online.

I hired SpectrumBPO to assist me with a complex integration between Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. They handled the integration and communicated extremely well throughout the process. Their team is extremely efficient and available when you have a question or an impromptu request. I’d highly recommend SpectrumBPO to reduce your workloads and focus on business growth and development

Felipe Gonzales,
COO, Cerebro Marketing

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