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Spectrum in its entirety has become a symbol of excellence in the ecommerce space. Not long ago, this was just a dream of few that manifested into a full blown entrepreneurial endeavor and since then, there is no looking back.

Just like any small business in its early days that strives hard to be heard and not get bulldozed over by the competitors, we did what we could to survive and win. Luckily, deep down, we were a fighting bunch with a never giving up attitude. Tapping the unknown has been one of our core strengths, whether it be the tools or a new strategy that was destined to fail but we tried. Because there was always something to learn at the end.




About US

In the recent past, the prominence of e-commerce was not as significant as it is today. However, we possessed a foresight and conviction that it held immense potential to become a substantial force in the future. Hence, we promptly seized the opportunity and embarked on our e-commerce journey in 2008. Initially, our endeavors primarily revolved around marketing and selling our own products across various online marketplaces. This period marked the genesis of our self-realization, as we recognized the tremendous value that lay within our experiences and expertise. Little did we anticipate that these initial strides would eventually evolve into a diverse range of capabilities, poised to benefit others who find themselves navigating similar waters. 

As a testament to our visionary leadership, the founders took a decisive action in 2017 by elevating the significance of our services through the establishment of Spectrum BPO. This strategic move swiftly emerged as the cornerstone of success for a multitude of sellers, who often encounter daunting challenges within the intricate landscape of e-commerce. With great agility and ambition, we expanded our reach extensively, propelling our growth to unprecedented heights.

A trustworthy and reliable solution

Over the past decade, the landscape of organizational operations has undergone a profound transformation, primarily catalyzed by the relentless surge of technological advancements that have had a grand influence on economies. Within this transformative backdrop, the significance of outsourcing and the imperative shift toward the digital era have emerged as compelling necessities for fostering and advancing businesses. Concurrently, a substantial market void has surfaced, calling for skilled professionals capable of contributing to companies without being tethered to internal structures and associated liabilities. Simultaneously, e-commerce enterprises have been actively seeking trustworthy resources capable of assuming partial ownership of their operations, alleviating the burdensome complexities typically inherent in traditional in-house employment arrangements.

There was a much better way in the midst of this Fiasco.

A Holistic approach: We felt a strong need for it.


Primarily driven by the impracticality of expending valuable time and resources in the pursuit of specialized talents for individual tasks, e-commerce companies have recognized the inefficiency inherent in such a practice. Devoting substantial organizational hours to such endeavors inevitably diverts attention away from critical business affairs. Consequently, within the realm of online commerce, these enterprises find themselves at the mercy of solo freelancers, relying on their availability and expertise to address their diverse needs.

Why not tap the gap?

In 2019, Spectrum BPO solidified its commitment to excellence by acquiring an offshore facility, serving as a centralized hub for housing a collective pool of eCommerce experts. This strategic move enables us to address client challenges comprehensively, ensuring that every element associated with a problem is meticulously attended to by mobilizing various specialized professionals. By orchestrating the involvement of diverse experts, projects are meticulously shaped, leaving no aspect overlooked. Additionally, should the need arise for external resources, Spectrum BPO possesses the capability to seamlessly integrate and retain such resources, further bolstering our capacity to provide comprehensive solutions. The efficient utilization and ready availability of dedicated expert resources, all situated within a single location, elevate client satisfaction, affording them precious time to concentrate on maximizing their business potential, free from the burdens of hiring and firing complexities.

Our remarkable journey has witnessed exponential growth from its inception. Consequently, we have prioritized the development of systems that cater to the evolving needs of both our esteemed clients and our internal operations, seeking enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. Our focus lies in leveraging automation to minimize manual interventions, particularly in terms of brand management. Through unwavering dedication, transparency, honesty, smart execution, and a commitment to consistency, we have earned a well-deserved reputation as a premier provider of digital eCommerce services. These fundamental values serve as the bedrock of our team-based structure and working model, instilling immense pride within us each day, as we diligently pursue excellence in all aspects of our lives.


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