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WordPress is the most popular content management system across the world. Primarily used for writing blogs and building websites, WordPress has now gained the trust of more than 75 million satisfied users who used the multi-purpose tools of the platform to build their websites.

However, in this section, we will talk about another interesting yet untapped resource of the respective platform – eCommerce. Yes, you read it right! WordPress is also a renowned eCommerce store manager from where you can manage your online stores with ease. Surprising isn’t it? Well, you don’t need to worry. Spectrum BPO has got it covered for you with our specialized team of WordPress virtual assistant experts.

To transform your WordPress account into an eCommerce store, you will need some plugins for your assistance. By far, one of the best eCommerce plugins available on WordPress is WooCommerce. Therefore, our team at Spectrum BPO has a specialized WooCommerce expert team that will manage your online store through the following ways:

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OUR Wordpress/WooCommerce SERVICES

Our expert WordPress virtual assistant support will assist you to set up your WooCommerce store through powerful WordPress store tools. Whether you want to get your products listed or optimized, our specialized team will effectively make use of WordPress and WooCommerce tools to manage your store inventory.

Once our WooCommerce expert team is done with listing and optimization of your products through WordPress store tools, the next thing they will work on is to determine your shipping process and a safe payment gateway for your customers to pay you for your products without any glitch. Through WooCommerce plugin, you will directly receive payments on your desired platform and thus our specialized experts will make sure that your payments never get late or face any other issue.

Spectrum BPO offers an exquisite range of WordPress management services through which our WooCommerce expert team will work on the SEO content of your eCommerce store. As WordPress is more of a blogging site already, therefore, it offers a variety of tools through which our team will provide you with attractive images and text content that will revamp your entire store. With the use of leading keywords relevant to your brand and services, the search engines will fetch your website to show up in the rankings which will increase the traffic flow on your online store.

The WooCommerce Store Manager also has an intriguing option of synchronizing your social media accounts with your online store. This option will make your social media accounts shoppable in a way that customers will be redirected to your store if they go on to explore your social media posts.

The WooCommerce Store Manager tools also allow the sellers to analyze performance standards and seller metrics through Google Analytics. Our WordPress virtual assistant support will keep you updated regarding the statistical performance of your online store. If you think your sales might have dropped and there is a need to communicate with potential customers, our experts will make use of the Mailchimp plugin to assist you in this regard.

WordPress Store has further free and paid extensions, or in other words – plugins, through which our specialized team will enhance your eCommerce experience and let you achieve that landmark of success you always desired for your business to accomplish.

With WooCommerce Store, Team Spectrum BPO will further work on setting up an integration between your domestic online store (that you have in your home country) with other international online marketplaces. In this way, your business will truly transform to become a multinational setup.

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