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In the modern era that we live in today, we are surrounded by a massive technological revolution that is changing the dynamics of globalization across the world. As a result, businesses need to upgrade their strategies every now and then to sustain their presence in the market. One way to remain competitive in this technological race is to enhance the digitization of your business model. Websites can be pretty useful in this regard, and that too designed by some highly professional web development & design experts. According to research:

  • 93% of users start their web surfing with a reputed search engine
  • 63% of internet users use the website of the company to contact them
  • 75% of web users establish a prejudice about a company’s reputation after analyzing their website theme & design

So by now, you should realize how essential it is to have your website fully structured and optimized to drive maximum user traffic on your landing pages. To assist you in achieving success in the digital world, Spectrum BPO presents an exquisite range of Web Design & Development services to restructure the face of your company according to contemporary practices. With our specialized web development services, we will customize your website as per your liking and specifications and enhance the experience of users with a simple but awe-inspiring interface.

We have the best in-house web developers who have vast experience in building and optimizing websites of numerous clients in the past. With our experienced Shopify Developer team and highly qualified WordPress gurus, we will work to provide you with a delicious website interface by using the best tools available on the web development platforms of Shopify & WordPress. Let us introduce you to our Web Design & Development services.

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OUR Web Development & Design SERVICES

Shopify is one of the most renowned web development platforms across the world. That is why we have specialized in-house Shopify Developer experts to meet the increasing demand of the business community who are running their websites through Shopify back-end. Our specialists will fully optimize your website by managing:

  • Strategies to launch your business through website
  • Strategies to increase sales
  • Effective Customer Support including Shopify Live Chat
  • Website Customization through zillions of Shopify tools and apps
  • SEO and Landing Page Optimization

With almost 35% of all websites running live via WordPress, this respective Content Management System (CMS) offers easily manageable tools to build a user-friendly website. Once provided with a roadmap, our in-house WordPress specialists will use the available tools and WordPress plugins to design a user-friendly website with modern themes and simple interface. In short, we provide:

  • Maintenance and Support for your website
  • Custom WordPress Development Services
  • WooCommerce Plugin Services
  • SEO and Landing Page Optimization
  • Effective Customer Support through WordPress Forums

Don’t want those ready-made website templates? Then we have a bunch of specialized custom web developers to fulfill your custom website needs. Our web development experts will work on your website from scratch according to your ideas and preferences to come up with a unique and awe-inspiring website that will match with the theme of your business. Our customized web development solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Design a Plan and Concept for Website
  • Custom Front-end Development
  • CMS Integration
  • Custom Shopify Web Development
  • Custom WordPress Web Development

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