Case Study/

Turning the Tide: Transformation of Sales & Organic Rankings for an Amazon Supplements Seller

Client Overview:

In this case study, we delve into a client’s remarkable journey in the competitive realm of Amazon’s Supplements category. Faced with the challenge of enhancing sales and securing higher organic rankings, the client sought our expertise to formulate and execute strategic solutions.

ūüéĮ Client Goals

The primary objective set by the client was to elevate their sales revenue to a target of $150,000. Concurrently, they aimed to achieve improved organic rankings that would bolster their brand visibility on the platform.

Challenges Faced‚Äč

The client encountered several hurdles that demanded our collaborative efforts and expertise:

  • A product portfolio boasting approximately 80 items was listed on their Amazon store.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)¬†campaigns were operational, but a high Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) hovered close to¬†50%.

  • While the client had invested in visually appealing images and enriched A+ content,¬†essential back-end search terms¬†were notably absent.
  • Listings content exhibited issues, affecting¬†product presentation¬†and¬†customer engagement.

Strategies & Steps:

To address these challenges and catalyze growth, we initiated a series of strategic interventions:

  • Holistic Listing Optimization:¬†Rigorous optimization of product listings and meticulous inclusion of essential back-end search terms was undertaken.

  • Content Enrichment:¬†Each product listing was curated with compelling content infused with high-volume keywords, enhancing search visibility.

  • PPC Refinement:¬†A methodical approach was adopted to optimize PPC campaigns, progressively reducing ACOS to a target below 40%.

  • Organic Ranking Surge:¬†Following successful ACOS management, efforts were intensified to secure organic rankings for pivotal keywords, thus amplifying sales and visibility.


The cumulative impact of these strategies yielded noteworthy outcomes:

  • Over a span of three months,¬†sales ascended by $24,000,¬†accompanied by a substantial¬†ACOS improvement.
Case Study: November Organic Sales
  • November sales reported a significant boost to¬†$124,040.76, surging further to¬†$148,749.20¬†in¬†January.
Case Study - January Organic Sales

Elevating Store Presence:

In addition to sales and¬†ACOS improvements, the client’s store witnessed substantial growth:

  • Store followers surged from an initial count of¬†15 to an impressive 255, signifying¬†enhanced brand engagement¬†and¬†customer loyalty.
Amazon Post Results Follower Growth

Effective Listing Optimization Tactics:

Our comprehensive approach to listing optimization encompassed the following techniques:

  • Strategic Keyword Research:¬†A multi-faceted keyword research approach encompassing Amazon’s suggested keywords, auto-fill search terms, competitor analysis, and judicious utilization of search term reports.

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal:¬†Elevated the product gallery by incorporating recommended images and videos, conveying product value more effectively.

  • Compelling Listing Enhancements:¬†Revamped listings with direct-response copy and comprehensive product descriptions to augment customer understanding.

  • Ethical Review Generation:¬†Employed white hat strategies to generate more product reviews, bolstering brand credibility.

  • Price Optimization:¬†Strategically calibrated product prices to stimulate sales and enhance search result rankings.

Comprehensive Account Management:

Our dedication to the client’s success extended beyond specific strategies to encompass a comprehensive approach to¬†daily operations¬†and holistic account management. Noteworthy facets included:

  • Robust Listing Optimization:¬†Ensured every listing element, from title and key features to description, back-end keywords, images, and variations, was optimized.

  • Efficient Inventory Management:¬†Streamlined Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) inventory processes, facilitated inventory planning, and addressed quality assessment.

  • Seamless Order Management:¬†Ensured timely order fulfillment, expertly managed returns, and promptly resolved related issues.

  • Proactive Customer Support:¬†Vigilantly responded to customer inquiries and messages, ensuring an exceptional shopping experience.

  • Account Health Vigilance:¬†Upheld stringent adherence to shipping standards, policies, and customer service benchmarks, effectively mitigating negative feedback and claims.

  • Strategic Advertising Management:¬†Devised and executed targeted PPC campaigns, coupons, and promotions to augment visibility and reach.

  • Competitor Analysis Expertise:¬†Conducted regular competitor assessments to identify avenues for improvement, monitor pricing trends, and identify new product opportunities.

  • Engaging Review and Feedback Generation:¬†Actively solicited feedback and reviews from satisfied buyers, reinforcing the store’s reputation and customer trust.


This case study exemplifies our prowess in driving substantial sales growth, enhancing organic rankings, and seamlessly managing day-to-day Amazon operations in the competitive Supplements category. Through a synergistic fusion of strategic optimization, content enrichment, and meticulous account management, we have realized exceptional results, fortifying our client's presence in the dynamic Amazon marketplace.