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Your business may daily face different challenges that ask for a solution. One of them is addressing the concerns of customers and suppliers. So what you require is technical support from your Email Service Providers to get customers’ issues addressed in a timely manner. Spectrum BPO has a highly qualified in-house technical support team that will provide your customers and suppliers with run-time solutions to make your business life much easier.

No matter what sort of problems your customers or suppliers are facing, our exquisite Email Services Team will professionally analyze their issues and work on them to come up with a solution that provides top-notch satisfaction to them. One of the ways we will approach your customers and suppliers is via Email.

Our designated Email support specialists will smoothly deal with all of your transactional emails to provide the best experience to your customers. We will create enticing template email strategies that will increase customer engagement and build up the much-required brand loyalty. We will follow up with your customers during the entire shipment process. This includes purchase follow-up, shipment update, delivery status, and customer feedback regarding your services.

If any customer drops an inquiry message, our technical support team will respond back after careful analysis of the query and possible solutions. We will ensure that no Email goes unaddressed and is replied back on the same day. Moreover, For suppliers, we will deal with them on your behalf regarding quote requests, purchase management, order sheets, and all other logistical aspects to benefit your business with a smooth supply chain process.

Overall, our Email support covers the following areas that are diverse but not limited to:

  • Inquiries about Products
  • Information regarding Order Fulfillment
  • Notification about Order Placement
  • Service Feedback or Query Response
  • Resolution to Inquiries
  • Troubleshooting for Routine Tasks
  • Inquiries about Payment and documentation
  • Dealing with Information requests regarding Services
  • Customer guidance in Data Collection

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