In parallel to the brand new products offered by a zillion of businesses, renewed or used products are also attracting a price-conscious segment of the market. Thus, if you are a consumer who wants to sell his or her pre-owned products via C2C transaction or an established business/drop-shipper who wants to list renewed items of their inventory on a relevant digital marketplace, Tradesy will perfectly suit all your business needs.

Launched in 2012, Tradesy is the leading marketplace for pre-owned products where you will be able to sell your used products on a platform that is browsed by a vast number of price-conscious customers. Especially if you are looking to sell your renewed but top-notch fashion products, Tradesy is an ideal platform especially for start-up businesses to sell a vast range of closet items. In order to effectively assist your Tradesy services, our experienced Tradesy virtual assistant team will be performing the following tasks:

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For our drop-shipping clients, our Tradesy Marketing Services team will provide high-quality product research along with a strategic competitor analysis. This will help you to get aware of the current market situation and launch your market strategy accordingly. Our Tradesy consultation team will provide you the best consultation and opinions in this regard so that your drop-shipping venture grows to achieve affirmative success on Tradesy Marketplace.

Although Tradesy charges a little fee for listing your renewed products, however, that fee yields a true value for money. Our Tradesy marketing services team will efficiently list your pre-owned women’s fashion products including all types of clothes, shoes, bags, and other closet accessories. So whether you want to get your listings optimized or have to be listed from scratch, our Tradesy expert team will fully cooperate with you to provide you with a top-notch Tradesy listing that will stand out against your competitor listings and will attract customers to add your product in their cart.

Our Tradesy marketing expert team will manage your orders as per the Tradesy marketplace guidelines. Moreover, when it comes to returns, Tradesy is nice enough to manage all your returns while allowing sellers to keep their earnings. Thus, saving you from refunds and loss in earnings.

By using unique sales and promotional strategies, our Tradesy marketing services team will put in their best effort to get your products promoted in Tradesy featured listings. In this way, whenever a customer will search up a product relevant to your category, they will be shown your products at the top of the searches.

If you want high-quality optimization for your Tradesy listing images, our top-notch Tradesy expert team includes vibrant graphic designers that will serve you with delicious imagery that will attract customers at first glance. As soon as your products create impressions, they will quickly appeal to the customers to click and add your products in their cart. All this will happen due to the high-resolution photos that will not get ignored in Tradesy search results without a click from the customers.

Our Tradesy consultation services also extend to dealing with customer queries, complaints, and all other messages coming in on your Tradesy account. Our professional experts possess top-notch communication skills and thus they will effectively deal with all sorts of queries of your customers on Tradesy.

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