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The Scratch 2 Cash approach in Amazon Business - Absence of Product Listings, Zero Reviews & Ratings, and Inventory Management


In late September 2023, we commenced a partnership with Amy Rynhart, a new Amazon business owner. At the inception of our collaboration, the Amazon Seller’s account lacked listings and inventory. With the help of an in-depth market and competitor analysis and recognizing the potential for growth and success, our mission was to guide the Amazon Seller through the intricacies of establishing a robust presence on the Amazon platform.


The primary challenges faced by the Amazon Seller included the absence of product listings, zero reviews and ratings, and the imperative need for inventory management. These obstacles posed significant hurdles to achieving visibility and credibility in a fierce marketplace.


  1. Develop and optimize product listings to enhance visibility and credibility.

  2. Drive sales growth through targeted strategies, including PPC campaigns and listing enhancements.

  3. Address inventory management challenges to prevent stockouts and ensure seamless operations.

  4. Offer recommendations for expanding product inventory to diversify offerings and attract a wider customer base.


  1. Listing Enhancement and Reviews: Our initial focus was on crafting compelling product listings for the Amazon Seller’s brand, SERENFLORA. Leveraging strategic keyword research and competitor analysis, we optimized listing content, including titles, images, A+ content, and descriptions. Concurrently, efforts were directed towards garnering reviews and ratings to bolster trust and credibility.

  2. Competitor and Market Analysis: A thorough analysis of competitors and market trends informed our strategy development. This insight-driven approach enabled us to tailor strategies to capitalize on market opportunities and maximize the Amazon Seller’s visibility and appeal.

  3. Performance Metrics Tracking: We closely monitored the performance metrics, such as sales, revenue, PPC spend, and Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS), provided actionable insights. Monthly reports facilitated data-driven decision-making, highlighting progress and areas for improvement.


October Performance:

In the inaugural month of the partnership, the Amazon Seller achieved noteworthy sales of 156 units, yielding $4,333.72 in revenue. Strategic PPC spend and listing optimizations maintained a competitive ACoS of 35%.

Scratch 2 Cash approach in Amazon Business - October Sales
Scratch 2 Cash approach in Amazon Business - October PPC Sales

November Success:

Following comprehensive optimizations in listing content, images, and PPC campaigns, November witnessed a remarkable surge in sales. Total sales soared to $14,748.30, with 512 units sold and an enhanced review rating of 20.

Scratch 2 Cash approach in Amazon Business - Nov Total Sales

December Achievements and Challenges:

Despite encountering inventory issues and stockouts, December saw respectable sales totalling $7,081.40. To mitigate future stockouts, recommendations were provided for diversifying inventory offerings.

Scratch 2 Cash approach in Amazon Business - Total Sales December
The Scratch 2 Cash approach in Amazon Business - Dec PPC Sales


The collaborative efforts between our team and the Amazon Seller have yielded significant growth and success within a short timeframe. Despite encountering challenges inherent in establishing a new business on Amazon, our dedication and expertise have paved the way for remarkable milestones. Looking forward, we remain committed to refining strategies, optimizing campaigns, and supporting the Amazon Seller in sustaining and expanding their business on the Amazon platform. Through a strategic focus on inventory management and product diversification, we aim to ensure continued success and growth for the Amazon Seller’s business.

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