Jay M.

We started 7 years ago with a single agent, and we now have 10 full-time virtual agents with plans to expand to 16 this year. I would highly recommend this company to anyone… Except for our competitors.

Vadim Kolek

I’ve been working with this agency for over 4 years and using their services for cleaning images, customer service, listing products and more. We use 4 agents full-time shift and they manage most of our business. Very professional company and we are very satisfied!

Adi Gonen

I’ve been working with Spectrum for about 3 years and highly recommend this company. The agents are always hard working, reliable and go beyond lengths to satisfy their customers. I know I can trust them with any type of work.

Wade Foote

Spectrum BPO has been a game changer in terms of my business productivity. I can now focus on business growth instead of spending hours juggling various tasks that take me away from what I really need to be doing. Everyone that I’ve worked with at Spectrum BPO has been very personable and easy to communicate with. They are quick to learn and understand my needs, which is imperative in business. I’m looking forward to having Spectrum BPO learn more about my business growth needs so that I can reach my sales goals this year and beyond.

Felipe Gonzales

I hired SpectrumBPO to assist me with a complex integration between Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. They handled the integration and communicated extremely well throughout the process. Their team is extremely efficient and available when you have a question or an impromptu request. I’d highly recommend SpectrumBPO to reduce your workloads and focus on business growth and development

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