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From Roadblocks To Results: Solving SDS Classification Challenges On Amazon's Platform

Streamlining Product Safety Data Sheet Classification Process on eCommerce Platform

Case Overview:

In the context of eCommerce, ensuring the accurate classification of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for products is paramount to compliance with safety regulations and standards. This case study delves into a situation where an individual encountered challenges while attempting to classify a product’s SDS on Amazon’s platform, and how the issue was eventually resolved through a systematic approach.


  • Persistent Classification Issue:

The SDS classification process for a specific product remained in a “unable to classify” status on Amazon for an extended period (five to six days), despite repeated submission attempts.

  • Rejection Despite Efforts:

Despite providing comprehensive information, the SDS classification request continued to be rejected by Amazon, creating a roadblock to compliance and product listing.


Faced with this impasse, the individual took a strategic approach to address the challenge. Recognizing the complexity of the product, they decided to reevaluate the categorization strategy.

  • Strategic Categorization:

The individual adopted a strategic approach by breaking down the classification process based on the product’s various usage scenarios. Ingredients were carefully analyzed and grouped into two distinct categories to facilitate accurate classification.

  • Modification of Title:

Recognizing the need for clear representation, the individual modified the product title to align with the refined categorization strategy.

  • Thorough Completion:

In adherence to Amazon’s guidelines, the individual meticulously completed the SDS form, ensuring all essential information was accurately and comprehensively provided.

Results and Impact:

After a series of dedicated efforts involving multiple rounds of revision, the individual’s perseverance and strategic approach bore fruit. They received the long-awaited notification confirming that the product’s SDS had been successfully classified. Notably, the product’s categorization now aligned with the appropriate standards and regulations, signifying a significant achievement.

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Lessons Learned:

  • Strategic Analysis:

When confronted with challenges, a strategic analysis of the situation can unveil new perspectives and pathways to resolution. Breaking down complex tasks into manageable components can enhance problem-solving effectiveness.

  • Persistence Pays Off:

The case study underscores the importance of persistence. Despite initial setbacks, the individual persisted in their pursuit of a solution and continuously refined their approach until success was achieved.

  • Adherence to Guidelines:

Compliance with platform-specific guidelines is crucial. Adhering to submission requirements ensures that the necessary information is conveyed accurately and aids in mitigating issues during the classification process.


case study exemplifies the value of a systematic and adaptable approach when dealing with challenges in e-commerce settings. By thoughtfully reevaluating the categorization strategy, meticulously addressing submission requirements, and maintaining unwavering determination, the individual successfully overcame the classification hurdle, thereby contributing to the product’s compliance and safety on the platform. This case study serves as a source of insight for individuals navigating similar challenges in product classification on e-commerce platforms.