Being one of the most popular and easy-to-use website development platforms, Shopify provides an extensive range of tools and apps that our capable team utilizes for web designing and SEO optimization. One of the best features of this respective platform is that it provides a great user-friendly interface which is very easy and simple to work on but generates brilliant finishing for your eCommerce store. A broad range of apps available on the Shopify App Store also eases up the process of website creation in quick succession. Overall, we offer the following web services for Shopify:

Business Launch Strategies

Store Build or Redesign

From basic theme setup to custom website solutions, our team will build up a fascinating new store or optimize your existing store with a versatile range of web development tools.

Logo and Visual Branding

Get an attractive and meaningful logo for your business along with visual graphics that drive high web traffic on your eCommerce store.

Product Setup

With Shopify Listing tools, we can add up or optimize your product listings along with catchy images, descriptions, meta title and tags.

Custom Domain Setup

Want to replace your casual my-Shopify domain? We offer Custom Domain options to set up a domain that suits your brand name.

Sales Growth Strategies

Sales Channel Setup and Optimization

Set up and optimize single or multiple sales channels that will assist you to sell directly or via different social media platforms and mobile apps.

Sales Strategy Guidance

Our specialized team will thoroughly make an analysis of your new or existing website and accordingly give suggestions to boost up sales and profitability for your business. Moreover, we will also guide you on how you can increase traffic and conversion rates for your website.

Google Analytics Setup

We will link and synchronize your eCommerce store with Google Analytics in order to analyze which sections of your website are most visited by customers and what are the preferred checkout options for them.

Facebook Pixel Setup

Get a genuine analysis on your Facebook sponsored posts campaigns, evaluation of conversion rate and rebranding of your eCommerce store for your customers using Facebook Pixel. 

Effective Customer Support

Setting Up Email Campaigns

Let us make purchases and review follow-ups with your customers to increase their confidence in your services and eventually winning their brand loyalty, all with Shopify email campaigns.

Custom Banners

With the usage of best photoshop tools, we will design attractive multi-purpose banners for your products that you can use to promote your products on various social media platforms. Get your banners for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Flash deals or to get customer’s attention to purchase your products on different festivals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year.

SEO Page Optimization

With relevant keywords used while optimizing the meta title, description, and tags of your products and services; your brand will get high search rankings in quick succession which will improve your website traffic and eventually will lead to an increase in check-outs.

Marketing Your Business on Social Media

After making an analysis of social media accounts of your business, we will provide you with effective social media marketing tactics that you can utilize to promote your products and services and eventually become market leaders with better advertising and outreach.

Store Customization

Custom Features and Coding

 If there aren’t any relevant features on Shopify that might become an obstacle to complete your website optimization, we can use custom coding using non-standard features so that your web development doesn’t face a glitch while going live.

App Installation

With zillions of apps available on the Shopify App Store, we can enhance the functionality of your eCommerce stores to further ease up the access for your customers.

Custom Pages and Forums

There can be new custom pages added to your website upon your demand. Also, we can optimize the existing features to let them function in a better way.

Image and Visual Effects

Some eye-catching visual effects definitely attract potential customers to at least surf your store even if they are in the process of window shopping. Therefore, our team will add special visual effects along with image edit and optimization to make your website stand out among your online competitors to eventually promote your store as being one of the best.