Selling on Amazon is rewarding if done strategically which means leaving little room for mismanagement and choosing the best methods of operations that will benefit your business in the long run. One such beneficial decision is to go for an FBA i.e. fulfilling your orders via Amazon Fulfillment services. Selling on Amazon is no exception and it has to pass through the challenges that every other business is destined to face in the eCommerce landscape. 

Over the course of your business eCommerce journey, you’ll come across many events that’ll prompt you to make strategic decisions. The majority of such instances mostly revolve around the stock levels of your inventory. If you are dealing with FBA then not always would you be getting a seamless flow of goods from source to warehouses all the way to the customers. There will arise some unexpected situations that will eventually hit hard if not dealt with on a timely basis. 

The items in the inbound transit can sometimes get damaged, lost, or miscounted when they reach the warehouse. The automated refunds and reimbursements on behalf of Amazon, most of the time fail to provide the total amount that Amazon owes you. Not only would Amazon reimburse you for the less quantity but would sometimes reimburse you for smaller than the item's value. It becomes a headache to constantly keep track of the cases and inventory discrepancies. 

Here at Spectrum we have a specialized team that has dealt with hundreds of Amazon Sellers FBA Reimbursements issues and has successfully claimed a vast amount in the light of refunds and reimbursed payments for our valued clients. We know what Amazon requires in this regard that could speed up the process and could potentially convince Amazon to pay back seamlessly. 

There will be instances where Amazon could charge you extra without you knowing about it due to many reasons such as listing fee changes, storage fee updates i.e. due to the weight and dimension updates of the products or category charges updates. We know how to make claims for those amounts to get your money back.

Amazon could also destroy your items without your consent. This has happened with many sellers in the past. There is a way to avoid all this and having a proper plan in place should serve you well in such desperate hours. If your items aren’t selling well, you can file a removal claim and have your items disposed of or liquidated at the cost price. 

Even sellers could sometimes get offended when Amazon would issue refunds for the returned items despite the customers failing to send the items back. Manually filing claims for those amounts is one of the Spectrums’ core specialties. We have helped hundreds of Amazon brands grow and flourish and have helped them in all the areas spotlighted above. 

This is your money that Amazon owes you. So why shy away! Have the best to handle all this for you. You don’t need to get yourself involved, just sit back and let us get dirty with them to claim what’s yours.  

It’s very hard to keep track of all the inventory discrepancies and reimbursements claims for a seller that has just started with FBA, let alone having to cater for all the other accounting needs of the business. To have a successful Amazon FBA business, one must keep account of all the revenue, fees and expenses to have a reasonable margin left at the end of each transaction. If a seller gets down to this, then other areas of the business would certainly be left neglected in the process that might need more attention. Spectrum provides eCommerce Bookkeeping Services and has a dedicated team of Bookkeeping experts. Would like to know the granular level details of the accounting? Have us involved in the process so we can get all the things accounted for and provide you with easy to understand and concise reports at the end. This will allow you to focus on the business matters that need your attention rather than holding on to the nitty gritty of it. 


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