Shopify is a content management system that works well when you have a long term e-commerce business plan in mind. This platform allows sellers to build their online store with quite ease and efficiency. It certainly won’t be directing a lot of eyes at the beginning but in the long run, can give you the most loyal customers who will be impatiently waiting for any new offerings you have in store for them. 

It is easy to set up and configure. Offers many free and paid themes to select from that can help you design a stellar online store of your choice. Whether you go for the paid or free theme, Shopify has pumped in all the necessary features that help your online store takeoff seamlessly and be a success. Rest assured it can fully cater to your shop and audience needs. 

Shopify website builder is an easy to use tool within Shopify that any seller/individual can use to design their stores’ frontend by themselves. But if you are thinking of making a long lasting impression, it is highly recommended to go for the paid theme which offers many more features and ways to be more dynamic with your store rather than holding onto the basics only. Both free and paid themes can be customized down the line based on the seller requirements but the general rule of thumb is to keep the design simple, aesthetic and needs oriented rather than leisure. Customers love the clean layouts, user friendly interfaces and navigation systems. But as mentioned earlier, sellers have the ability to modify the design as per their liking. If this is something you want a second opinion on, then please get in touch with Spectrum BPO as we have a long history of managing dozens of Shopify stores for our clients from beginning till the end.

Do you want to create your online store from scratch or already have it but on some other hosted platform and want migration towards Shopify? The answer is “YES” You can do it with ease. How smoothly that migration could take place depends on how big your current store is. 
There are multiple ways to go about it i.e. copying and pasting, using API, using Shopify apps to do it for you if you have large accounts etc,. There are some initial settings you need to take care of in setting up the whole environment for migration. Let us help you build that migration environment for you so you don’t have to worry about the possible ecommerce haunts in the future.  

As a seller you’ll be needing many different softwares and apps to handle different functions of your online business. With Shopify you get all within and not leave the platform. From storefront, Payment gateways and Shipment partner to all the way up to Back office support and Marketing. Mostly, sellers struggle to get these in one place, whereas with Shopify, it just does what every seller dreams of. However, there is a time when you need certain extended functionalities keeping within the realm of existential systems for which Shopify has in store a large collection of Apps that any seller can download as per the liking and use it to its business benefits. Going for a paid or unpaid app, depends totally on what your business needs are. 

An experience of magnitude such as ours, you can really have it on us to tackle the installation and integration of many different apps, your business requires in order to run efficiently and effectively. Though, Shopify has put in a lot of effort in their built in systems but with these apps installed you can get an unfathomable experience of selling online.   

Are you selling on multiple ecommerce fronts? How about we tell you that you can sync all of those marketplaces at one place inside your Shopify store. This will let you fulfill orders through Shopify and have real time inventory statistics getting updated on all the ecommerce stores of your business. You can run Facebook and Google campaigns from within the Shopify platform, connect eBay, Amazon, Walmart and many others to it so you can keep an Eagle eye on all of the crucial activities on these platforms. How can you set those up? It is fairly an easy process, however, just to keep things started at the right footing, it is highly suggested that you should get an expert's help in executing this phase of your business. There might arise some complications in the process which if not taken seriously or given incorrect information will lead to manifolds of trouble down the road.   

If you have an existing domain that you don’t want to let go for some reason, connect it with Shopify so your customers can be directed to your Shopify store when they click upon that link. This way you still are managing your domain on the third party service provider website. However, if there comes a time where you would like to manage your third party domain from within the Shopify admin panel, then transferring the domain hosting completely over to Shopify platform is the best way to go about it. This is one of the core services we offer to our clients in order to facilitate them in having their migration journey go smoothly and efficiently without any hassles to deal with in the future.   

Minor to major details in setting up and configuring your store meta information is highly important in order to take off with force and project a pleasant first impression on the customers. Some of the things store owners need to keep an eye on are their shipping and policy pages. Keeping things transparent in the first place will bring in more engaged customers rather than having to face returns and claims at a later date mostly because the policies weren’t clear enough. The neat and clean navigation system and well defined policy pages will leave a good first impression on the customers’ mind. The lack of customer centric information on your online store will have disastrous effects in the long run. Just to keep things more organized and avoid missing out on any potential sale opportunities, the “Spectrum BPO” team has well defined set standards that allows us to start with the right footing in building up any store. We follow the procedure to power up the store with all the basic things it needs to get indexed on Google, establish a strong existence with the help of robust SEO and run advertisements to attract the desired traffic our clients’ store needs to achieve the goals and objectives ahead of time. We believe in heavy planning and smart execution. Let's chat about it further!


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