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Walmart is second to Amazon in the race to be the biggest retail giant ever. A lot of Walmart's recent growth could be attributed to the pandemic in 2020. The second best place to kickstart your online business and build a brand around it is Walmart, with over 150 million unique visitors each month. Brands could leverage this huge number of shoppers and turn them into potential customers with the right strategies and mindsets.

There was a time when Walmart was thought of as being a low-income group shopping destination. It has changed from low to middle and high-income shoppers who can see the value in Walmart’s offerings. The pandemic had left people with no choice but to shop online in the comfort of their homes, and Walmart, being a discount destination, offered a great deal of leeway in such desperate times. But now Walmart’s strategic moves have brought a shift in their perceived notion of being a discount destination towards a more competitive and high-end marketplace. Walmart has added many sellers over the years to its online channel, still far behind Amazon but enough to keep the ball rolling and be competitive.

Walmart is relatively easy to get entered into as compared to Amazon, and has no startup or monthly fee and an application procedure that’s easy to follow. Upon approval, one needs to create an account, register a company, and dial in all the crucial information there is so that nothing is left out, thus avoiding problems in the future. This may sound very easy, but still needs an expert eye to navigate through the technicalities. Spectrum knows the way by heart! We have done it for countless clients of ours and have successfully established a multitude of brands on Walmart so far. Let us help you unravel the intricacies involved, so we don’t miss out much by jumping on the Walmart marketplace bandwagon. From filing an application all the way up to listing your first item, Spectrum handles Full Service Account Management from A to Z in a professional and effective manner.

The onboarding procedure comprises filing an application, creating an account, registering a company and ensuring correct tax details. Furthermore, integrating the catalogue either through bulk upload, API, or Walmart’s authorised solutions providers, sets up the shipping templates and payment details. Once everything has been completed up to this point, it is time for a test run to ensure that customers can easily order the items and that they can be canceled, refunded, and so on. You’re all set to go live! If a seller would like to fulfil orders through Walmart, enrolling in WFS would be the next step. One of the main factors that has led to Walmart’s robust growth is the inclusion of WFS in their offerings. Just like Amazon’s FBA, the WFS aims to help sellers manage their orders through Walmart fulfilment centers. This greatly enhances the satisfaction level of sellers and customers alike when the inventory, orders, and customer support are being taken care of by the retail giant itself.

Walmart offers less competition yet it is highly price sensitive. It has a certain price threshold for each product category that sellers should abide by and keep their prices under it or else their listing might get delisted. This is an effort on Walmart’s part to keep itself positioned as a discount destination offering much better prices than the rest of the eCommerce marketplaces. Walmart offers sophisticated listing quality enhancement tools that help you list your items with a strong focus on SEO and a way to keep things easier for ongoing optimization needs.

In order to rank amongst the competitors, it is highly recommended to go for the paid advertisements but only after the product listing is fully SEO optimized. PPC allows for the product listing to get showcased on search pages and product detail pages of various listings. If the item is well optimized then PPC will do wonders and would convert the potential customers that do stumble upon your listing ad. It is a way to give your listings an extra push that it needs in order to rank on certain keywords that customers use in excess to find items similar to yours. Finding those highly relevant, high search volume and highly convertible keywords through Helium 10 and auto campaigns, further optimizing the listing with those keywords will ensure that your listing gets shown to a targeted audience that’ll eventually make the purchase. We have hundreds of examples of our own, guiding on how to effectively carry out the product listing phase all the way up to PPC campaign structuring and optimization. Similarly, Spectrum gives this process a holistic touch i.e. initiating all types of accompanying promotions including Buy Box Banner Ads, deals and bundles etc. that go hand in hand with the PPC to make sure the launch is a success and a strong foundation gets laid out in the beginning to cater for any strategic decision in the times to come.

If we talk about enrolling one’s brand into the WFS programme and managing the inventory down the line, Spectrum is quite adept in all of this. Need proven tactics that’ll seamlessly keep you updated on the inventory forecasts, prepare shipping plans, and generate labels to be sent over to the Walmart Fulfillment Centers? You’ve got Spectrum’s full support on that. We realise how important stock levels can be for any business. It can make or break the game for any struggling or serial entrepreneur. Your listing’s hard earned ranking gets lost if you get out of stock more often. Similarly, having to deal with case management and the intense copywriting demands of today’s ecommerce businesses is also a matter of concern for many. These are not only expensive, but also in high demand in the industry. Dealing with the support could be frustrating, but there are ways to overcome that and expedite the process, leading to a faster resolution of the pending issues. When it comes to copywriting, they say content is king. It surely is the King. A potential shopper converts only when they find value in your item. “Content is the medium to convey that value. By having a dedicated department of copywriting professionals, Spectrum conveys that value in a way that relates to the tone of the brand and that captures the heart and minds of the customers, making them pause for a bit, taking a deep sigh of relief, and realising they’ve found what they were looking for. This is what we do! Want to check us out? Give us a try!


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