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Etsy is a wonderful place to sell your finest artwork, crafts or vintage items because that’s what Etsy visitors love and care to purchase. Though it’s not free from competition even if the items you plan to sell are unique to you. The robust search engine optimization is the necessary part of the game. Having your listings well optimized will make your product stand out amongst the competitors. If you’re someone looking out for a helping hand with just the tiniest of the glitch in your store or envisioning more of an ongoing management then you have just hit the jackpot. Your help is here. 

Customers on Etsy love brands that speak to them through their visual storytelling and all of the things that complement the brand in one way or another. Coming up with a unique shop name that resonates with what you are offering to your customers, a Shop icon that can spread a message across in a meaningful way, and making sure you have set up a visually stunning banner image to showcase your artisan nature as this is going to be the first thing your customers notice when they land on your shop page. These crucial aspects of a shop, if done correctly, will set you up for success right from the start. Keep on building and optimizing the stuff and you’ll see a community of shoppers flooding in to follow your store. Need help with the planning? Let us guide you.

Keeping your catalog management goals in check is one of the core specialties of Spectrum.

Etsy Product Catalog Listing

Listing Creation

Listing optimization 

Content writing

Lifestyle images (Graphics work only)

inventory management

Optimization is the key to success. Just like any other marketplace, Etsy has its own set of criteria to rank the listings based on its quality score and some other factors. Talking about the ranking criteria, it’s quite easy to ace it if one knows the art. The first thing to get any listing on the best side of the Etsy Search Engine Radar is the Relevancy of your listing or the keywords used for their ability to resonate with the shoppers search query. If done well at this, BINGOO, your listing will start to show up on search pages, triggered by your intended audience search queries. Now from here onward, all that your listing needs in order to go up in the search page ranking results is a little push that could possibly fall within the realm of listing quality score, Customer and market experience score, Shipping price and Shoppers’ habits etc.

Our dedicated Etsy experts know the drill. We follow a systematic process that caters to all of the above factors for a given listing simultaneously, making an Etsy algorithm to index and rank at a good pace.

Shopper’s habits being the tricky one confuses the sellers a lot. It’s just, that the listings are ranked based on the shopper’s interests (past or ongoing) so Etsy could determine whether to show the listing in search results and at what position so that particular customer could easily discover and purchase. It’s kind of difficult to see your listing’s exact rank in search results as it will differ from case to case based on different buyer personas. So it’s better to keep watch at the Etsy analytics for that purpose where you’ll know exactly how much traffic each of your listing is getting so you can better optimize and get high performance results accordingly.   

Etsy Marketing & Promotions


Mark down promotions

Socializing on Pinterest/Facebook and twitter.  

Etsy ads management (negative targeting)


  • 80 HOURS PER MONTH (4hrs/day)
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