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eBay has been in the market since 1995 and has a major share in the eCommerce landscape besides Amazon. These two are considered the major players and work differently for different sellers. At instances a particular group of sellers might like one marketplace more than the other. eBay was considered a place to sell used or vintage items but now utilized by all the big and small brands to sell their fresh and new meat (products).

The Spectrum team has by far handled a good number of eBay seller hubs and has undergone different scenarios and successful experimentation based on the eBay policies updates and trends in the market etc.

Once you know where your product stands in terms of competition on eBay, differentiating it and offering it to the customers is the next logical step to go for. Product listing and optimization is a vital part in launching your products, therefore it’s given a good share of time to properly display everything on the details page that is required and can help you get rank faster. Now what parts of the listing process you need to hit hard so your product can see the daylight and eventually sell out with good margins. That’s a pretty interesting part.

Well, you know most people would think, just so they have found a good product, will sell well as well. This is not the case most of the time. Good product will only sell well if you have put enough effort in properly showing it to people. By “showing” we mean showing it to the relevant people by utilizing keywords that are high volume and convert well, includes jaw-dropping visuals consisting of infographics and lifestyle images clearly showing the products close up display of many features in action, putting in all the relevant item specifics in there so your audience would get the product detail when they search for those specifics, offering a competitive price, last but not the least, displaying the description in a beautifully designed template that identifies with your brand tone and gives the customers an overall good shopping experience.

The first and foremost thing when it comes to entering a market with a potential product is knowing your competition, what they are offering, how they are offering it, what differentiates your product and how much can you offer it for etc. and many other factors.The detailed competitor analysis can identify the threats and opportunities that you can implement and take advantage of beforehand.

Every piece of information is vital in getting your product ranked and getting noticed by the shoppers. Careful utilization of keywords will show your product to the relevant audience. This will in turn build the foundation for the very next part of the journey i.e. eBay Marketing & Promotions.

Why we put so much emphasis on the optimization part, that’s in order to get noticed by the relevant shoppers and to maximize this relevant targeted impact, sellers can promote their listings in many ways i.e. either through PPC or bulk offering promotions etc. One thing to keep in mind is that these promotions will work only when you are showing your listings to the right audience who can relate and can find the solution to their problems by having your product. Getting us back to the point made earlier about the careful and robust optimization of the listings. So when someone stumbles upon your listing, they purchase it and not bounce off.

This conversion rate could be amplified if you are supplementing your product listing with a template design that’s captivating and aligns well with your brand in terms of colors and font combination.  Here, your description could make use of good copywriting skill capable of embedding the right keywords and making it SEO optimized. Your product’s content copy would serve its purpose of indexing the listing, educating the shoppers about the product as well as the brand. Highly SEO optimized copy will not only help your listing rank faster on the relevant search terms but will also leave a good impression of your brand on the minds of potential customers. This is the part where you shouldn’t be compromising on the quality. The cost here is nothing compared to revenue it’s going to bring in the near future. So make it count.

Initially eBay emerged as an auction style marketplace where you would put your item for sale and let the people bid on it within a given time period. The ones with the highest bid ultimately get the ownership once the deadline passes. After a while eBay started to offer a fixed price format style of listing where you can list an item for a fixed price and get instant cash when it sells out without having to wait for a certain time period as was the case with auctions. Soon the fixed price format took precedence over the auction style and majority of the sellers now prefer to offer items at a fixed price.

eBay Motors

At Spectrum we feel quite adept with the ebay motors category. You can add fitments to your motor listings. Pairing your product with clear fitment data by identifying the vehicle compatibility boosts up the customers confidence in your brand. Although this category is highly competitive yet we can harness the power of PPC to enhance the visibility and top of the search page ranking of our product. Similarly, Spectrum has a good hands on experience using 3rd party fitment tools like MYFITMENT. Have something to sell in this category? Let’s talk!


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