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In general, 3PL is the process whereby the sellers utilize third party warehouses and fulfillment centers to receive their goods, have them stored, get it inspected, processed for assembling and kitting and afterwards pick, pack and ship. For a starter it may sound an easy feat but there’s much more to it and a lot to monitor. For instance, your store's IPI (Inventory Performance Index) score and credibility is hands-tied to your logistics functionalities.

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Although Spectrum has an extensive expertise in taking care of the logistics and fulfillment for its clients in coordination with other 3PLs and FBA, however, offering a PART of this bigger service in-house has always been the focal point of our strategic direction. The addition of an in-house Prep center allowed for the last missing link to patch up our entire Amazon / Walmart / eCommerce A to Z service handling for our clients. Spectrum has this sophisticated in-house Prep Center available as a core part of the logistics services toolbox to facilitate our Amazon and Walmart clients with the major and most important part of Prepping the goods within the aforementioned domain.

It’s important to win customers at each step of the way There are many different business models in the online biz world but one thing that all of those have in common is the absolute necessity to take care of the inventory before it’s being sold or in most cases, till it reaches the hands of the customers. The point is that your item needs to be prepared/processed well, before it gets shipped. Spectrum takes care of all the intricacies involved such as the assembly and kitting of components and complementary products respectively, the type of care your product needs in packaging, using pre-made branded packaging or letting us design one for you along with inserts, labels and barcoding; all these and more instrumental services that can give you an edge as a seller. Fight to win hearts wherever you can.We’ll help you achieve that, exactly!

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Spectrum wants you to scale and fly, not glued down to Earth: Unlike Amazon’s Prep Center or of other 3PL & fulfillment networks, we charge phenomenally less for our Prep Center services; a low monthly flat-rate retainer that’s so competitively priced and accommodating that it would seem pointless to carry this logistics burden up upon yourself. It will allow you to focus on key areas that need your dire attention in order to scale. We will handle the operational wheels of your business swiftly and efficiently to keep your credibility as a seller and IPI score, both at all time high. If you are already utilizing inventory management softwares like ecomdash or seller cloud, we are fully adept in getting those integrated, overhauled and synched with your multiple marketplace existences. Spectrum’s core inventory management team has all the competency and experience that your business needs to upscale competently and profitably.

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