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Sellers! you might be in a good position on Amazon without your brand but if you are thinking about going deeper and expanding, then register your brand on Amazon. It’s as simple as that!  

Enrolling the brand shouldn’t be hard and every seller should fully utilize the feature that Amazon provides. All you need is to have an active trademark or get it registered with the USPTO. Even if the Trademark isn’t registered yet but you have got the ID, still, you can use this ID to get your brand registered on Amazon. Need help? We are just one call away!

What you’ll get: A lot of benefits!

Keep on reading! Know the benefits that brand registration offers and get yourself into the ultimate league of sellers.

The customer's perception changes and your listings will receive more than ordinary traction which wasn’t possible before. The protection you’ll receive against the violators is phenomenal. Most of the time, scammers, violators or counterfeit groups can take advantage of your strongly built listing and get themselves attached to it and possibly divert sales share over to them. Brand registry gives you an upper hand in kicking those out of the way.  

Amazon introduced EBC back in 2016 and it quickly became the talk of the town and a main ingredient for having an optimized product listing. Initially the EBC and A+ Content were treated as being separate features for Seller central and Vendor Central respectively. But now these features have been made more or less the same in a sense that the same A+ Content feature is available to Seller Central brands under the new A+ Content Manager page. Any eligible brand i.e. Brands registered on Amazon Brand Registry would be capable of utilizing this amazing feature. 

Now all of this will happen for a reason and that is fulfilling Amazon’s criteria of an optimized product listing. The extent to which your product images shows an upclose display of the features involved and their usage truly captures the potential buyer's attention. They’ll get enticed by what they see and the amount of product information they would possibly get at that moment. A+ Content is something that is free and available to all the registered brand owners, Launchpad and Amazon exclusive members for approved ASINs in their product catalogs. This is the investment that pays off for sure in terms of the sales and for years to come. So make sure your EBC is up to mark, built by professionals in compliance with many of the Amazon rules around it that Amazon won’t compromise on at any cost. 

Our team of Graphic designers and copywriters with years of industry experience proudly consider themselves as the experts in creating awe-inspiring visuals and SEO rich EBC copy. Lets face it, the human aspect is important but ultimately you need your creation to be indexed as well. Therefore SEO optimized EBC is a must. It’s a game that needs to be played by the Amazon rules and we serve those rules with coffee (as a daily dose of snacks /  on a daily basis). 

Having a brand registered on Amazon Brand Registry comes with an additional benefit of being able to create a storefront. Just like any other online store, Amazon store is a brand specific destination making available the brand's mission, story and a collection of product categories that the brand is offering to its customers at a vast level. Store pages open up doors to many possibilities within the realm of potential conversion. It’s a place where the brands provide information to their potential buyers, educating and helping them make an informed and strategic buying decision.

If a potential customer bumps into your product, they’ll surely want to dig deeper a bit to see if the brand is offering anything else or at least to gauge the current standing of the brand in terms of its appeal and visuals. This way, the brand store acts as the face of your brand where they have the opportunity to entice their potential buyers with jaw-dropping visuals and offerings all at one place. Design it so well that customers think of it as a one stop shop for all of their purchasing needs.

Amazon Posts, another great blessing of Amazon for the Sellers. In today’s era, customers tend to get as much information about the product as possible before they make the purchase. This leads them to compare the product’s features and benefits with a multitude of products from other sellers/brands. To make it more interactive and user friendly, Amazon introduced the posts system, which is a browse and discovery experience for the customers while doing brand shopping. Amazon displays the posts in a feed related to brand specific content. Every post is linked to a product detail page at the backend, so if the post is worthy enough to be clicked upon, only then your product will be able to see the light of the day.  

Your registered brand opens up yet another window in the Amazon advertisement arena, i.e., being able to run sponsored brand ads specifically tailored for brand awareness and allowing the brands to improve upon their sales and visibility. This type of advertisement  allows for the head display of the brand logo, customized tagline and few products shown on top of the search result pages. The combination displayed in that section helps shoppers to identify the brand with their needs and desires. The click-able assets within the ad will lead shoppers right into your store thus making their shopping experience more friendly and exploratory. This ad type helps brands to target other brands instead of products, so the audience that is in search of brands similar to theirs bumps into it and familiarizes with it. It’s an advertisement feature available to the registered brands making their advertising efforts bring in more relevant, informed and potential buyers. 

Amazon has proved with its actions that tracking is the winning in itself. No matter how sophisticated the systems are in place, if you don’t track, you won’t progress. Amazon Brand Analytics is the feature available to the right brand owners and a seller must be internally involved selling the brand on Amazon. In simple words, you have to identify yourself as the brand owner. Brand Analytics levels a playing field for the brand owners. If you wanna know what terms you should be targeting your products against, Search term report is the one to go for. Have a knack for analyzing the customers buying behavior pattern, go through Items comparison, alternate purchase, demographics and market basket analysis reports. We are pretty sure you’ll find the answers to your most important questions. This feature gives brand owners the ultimate guide to differentiate their offering, have a mixed portfolio and be able to make strategic and informed decisions as a whole to further their online business. 

It truly fits here to say that tracking what works and what not gives you an edge over many others who are struggling with the same problem. Brand analytics gives you that power as a brand owner. Use it well to your advantage. Not sure where to start, hit us up. Spectrum knows the path.   


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