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SEO is the backbone phenomena within Amazon, lurking the Amazon Sellers community and hitting them hard when not sufficient heed is paid to it. Sometimes the consequences can be strong enough to cripple the Amazon business from bottom up, however if strategic actions are taken in time, the effect could very well be mitigated. A thoughtful series of SEO optimization steps can bring the business back on track and enable it to withstand any future repercussions.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is an amalgamation of techniques/strategies applied onto the listing to make it more search engine friendly i.e. to be found easily by the potential customers when they look for it. Similarly the better the information is embedded into the listing, the better it will rank amongst the competitors. Therefore strong SEO is vital for the listing to show up when it’s needed, where it’s needed.
The most important of all the SEO best practices are the Keywords. Every product we sell has a name associated with it. It can be a single word, a phrase or combination of qualities that would define a particular product within the customers mind. As a seller, it is essential to identify those particular keywords in all forms and shapes that can somehow link our product with the customer’s needs. So whenever they search for the product as ours, there is a high probability that our item will show up in the search results only if the listing is SEO optimized. 

A detailed Keywords research is conducted that’ll not only help in identifying the keywords with high search volume but also the ones that are highly convertible. Similarly, the report also uncovers the competitors keywords that their listings are ranked for together with the Amazon recommended keywords that it suggests to use in our listing title, bullets and description. Not to mention the PPC keywords that can take your campaigns to the next level. So it’s a whole lot of a deal to benefit from if one knows how to read and analyze the data. 

Now that we know what people search for when they look for a product like ours, therefore we can use those keywords in our listings and optimize it to make it  more search friendly.

Next comes the competitor analysis where we tend to look for all the competition there is in the marketplace we are planning to enter. This is crucial to determine whether it’s feasible to sell this product or not, how strong is the competition, what are their reviews, how much is their revenue and whether we can differentiate our item to make it more attractive or appealing to the shoppers. Similarly, this competitor’s analysis will also give us an idea of how big is the demand for our product, whether a reasonable share of the market could be achieved and with what efforts would all this be possible etc. Let the Spectrum find those profitable keywords for you along with a detailed analysis of the competition.  It’s our daily dose of energy intake and we are quite adept with the whole keywords and competitors research process ready to uplift your hard work into hardcash.

The first and foremost thing to cater for in the SEO space is the Relevancy factor. If you’re not relevant in your optimization efforts to what you are selling then you’re probably losing in the very beginning of the process. If the search query of a particular customer does not relate to our content/product and our product shows up for that, it’s likely going to miss out on that sale. So the better it matches to a search query, the better chance it has to rank.

Similarly, SEO for Reputation also plays a vital role in the effectiveness of overall optimization efforts. Suppose you do all the effort to show your website or listing for a relevant search query of a customer but when they see the negative reviews or any kind of bad news on the first page of the search results for that brand, they’re likely to bail out. Therefore, it is essential to keep all the positive things about the brand/listing/website on the first page of the search results so that reputation can be managed and audience can be converted well after a thorough engagement rather than leaving right from the doorstep. 

Most organizations think that SEO is a once in a lifetime or once in a project phase type of thing and there is no need to make regular check Ins and updates. That is not true! It is an Ongoing Search Engine Optimization process. Remember! You are not optimizing the listing for the sake of your own taste or a small group of people who want to see you shine. You need to please the Amazon (or any other marketplace) Algorithm in order to shine big, not just for a small group but for the bigger audience who search for a product similar to yours. New algorithms roll out every now and then. You need continuous and rigorous SEO in order to keep up with the changes. The consistency shown in the SEO efforts will show a steady and long term ranking effect. 


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