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The only way to properly engulf any customer's mind with a checkout as the last resort is to have a properly optimized product listing page. Without it you are just one other small fish making its way to survival.

For the most, optimizing the listing A-Z is a very daunting process and expensive as well, that is where by leveraging the services of Spectrum Bpo many sellers have realized the true potential of their products hidden under the rubble of ineffective product listing. The keywords, competitors, content research building up a foundation for a highly SEO optimized copy that sells, together with the stunning visuals all the way up to a compelling A+ content, Spectrum breathes it day in and out.

Spectrum bpo specializes in making your listing competitive all the way up from scratch. It takes care of all the pieces of a complex puzzle put together in a way that is favorable to both your sales and Amazon algorithm. You have the product, we will make it sell.


More People Taking Interest: That’s one of the key metric spectrum fosters. Spectrumbpo knows how to get the attention of the prospective buyers. If you don’t have high hopes for your product yourself, don’t worry you’ll be the first one to love it.

High Conversion: Just don’t want customers to bounce off? You are in for a treat. The copy and visuals that spectrum provides are tailored according to a comprehensive market research i.e. keywords, competitors, content research leaving very less room for the window shoppers to actually leave without making a purchase.

Consistent Sales: Usually with these optimization efforts, you’ll eventually start getting sales but the secret to success is to sustain it over a long period of time. Spectrum has done this exactly for a majority of its clients and would gladly make efforts to provide sustainable sales growth for your business as well.

What you’ll be getting!

Product Listing Audit

Anything started without a roadmap fails eventually. Spectrum will provide a comprehensive store & PPC audit free of cost. This will uncover the loopholes and possible remedies/recommendations would be laid out so a client can take full benefit of the knowledge and take professional assistance when deciding to embark on this journey of optimization.

Persuasive sales copy writing

A thorough keywords analysis and content research paves a way for a successful copy that not only ranks the product but gives promising sales figures.

Spectrum has an army of in-house copy writing expertise capable of handling all the genres of writing in compliance with the clients & Amazon requirements. The writing perfectly aligns with the tone of the brand, products and catering to the type of audience it’s intended for. Spectrum knows the art of selling. Try it out for yourself.

Keywords & search terms optimization

Just as how important the keywords are for a good copy, the same importance is of the backend search terms. That’s one of the options given by Amazon itself, sort of “in your face” to help you get your listings perfectly indexed in the Amazon search results. No worries, your listings will be found where they need to be, Spectrum has got you covered.

Enticing Infographics & Lifestyle

Picture is worth a thousand words. Ever heard that? Absolutely yes, right? You must be feeling left out to have understood this perfectly just now. Too late in the game? Never. Spectrum will carry you and give life to your listing’s gallery images.

Spectrum has a dedicated graphics department that can do wonders with your product images i.e. designing the lifestyle and infographic images based on their own creative concepts and the ones you provide. You’ll have a chance to collaborate live with the graphics team. A super creative journey is what you’ll be getting if you partner up with us.

Ongoing Listing Optimization

Listing optimization is a process that needs a bird eye view all the time. With regular changes in the Amazon Policies it becomes difficult to cope with the competition and there’s always a risk of going extinct amongst the sea of competitors. Your listings will need a constant update of trending keywords and search terms in order to rank and get a good amount of share in the sales.


  • 80 HOURS PER MONTH (4hrs/day)
  • HOURLY RATE: $7.48



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