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Spectrum’s Full-Service Account Management is your go-to box of tricks to launch, grow and manage a thriving eCommerce business on Amazon. We have developed a proven strategic recipe of A9-friendly traffic-generating SEO, conversion-rate optimized listings, jaw-droppingly persuasive A+ designs, efficient PPC Ads Management, and improved customer experience; A powerful Marketing Mix to take your brand to the next level!    

1.Catalog Set up & Management

In order to begin selling on Amazon, you’ll need a Seller Central Account set up and configured properly with all the crucial business details. This is important to ensure your business doesn’t run into problems from the very beginning. Spectrum is well versed in all the technicalities involved in this process. Similarly, Spectrum is a well adept entity that can cater to all of your catalog management needs as well. We have been in this business for many years now, thus speaking based on our experience, a well-laid foundation is a key to success in the eCommerce landscape.

Selling on Amazon never gets any better. All you need is a well-thought-out plan of what your selling goals are, and how much effort you’re willing to put in to achieve them. Similarly, a solid plan followed by smart execution gives thriving results. If you’re struggling with this part and diving deep into the nitty gritty isn’t your thing. Let us join hands! If Spectrum can do it for its 500+ satisfied customers, why can’t you be the next one?

Service Outcomes

  • Done for your Account Set up
  • Catalog Management
  • Ongoing Dedicated Support

2. Listing Optimization

Listing optimization is a practice of enhancing your product detail page’s key elements to improve the chance of your product discoverability, clicks, and sales. At Spectrum, we carefully analyze every single product in your catalog to make sure that your product detail pages are properly optimized for stronger outcomes. We know the art and science of bringing dead listings to life through strong titles, high-quality gallery images, concise and informative bullet points, engaging descriptions, and relevant search terms.

We follow the Amazon TOS by heart, implementing the proven listing optimization strategies that are the best fit for your business to sustain long-term success.

Service Outcomes

  • Improved Impressions
  • Improved Click-through Rates
  • Improved Conversion Rates

3. SEO 

With the ever-evolving algorithms and the ever-increasing competition on Amazon, a modern-day SEO approach must not only focus on the Discoverability factor of the listings with the integration of relevant keywords and search terms but also on the Desirability factor of the listings with a focus on click-through and conversion rates. Predicated on countless experiments and deep knowledge of A9, Spectrum has developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that rests on 2 main pillars: Relevancy and Performance, with each pillar having multiple factors within them that fuel each other to ensure your product is visible to the maximum possible genuine customers and deliver sustainable page ranking and sales growth. 

Service Outcomes

  • Improved Organic Rankings = More SERP Impressions
  • Improved Click-through Rates = More Listing Sessions
  • Improved Conversion Rates = More Sales

4. Advertising

With efficient Amazon PPC and Ads Management, your ad experiences can reach customers at every stage of their shopping journey at the right time to help grow your business. Smart sellers partner with a reliable Ads Management service to outsmart their competition and win bigger, faster. Our proficient Amazon Ads Certified advertising experts eat, sleep and breathe eCommerce SEO & Advertising. We have helped dozens of brands across all major industries achieve measurable results by setting their advertising goals tailored to their desired outcomes and executing targeted advertising campaigns to drive brand awareness, product consideration, conversions, and increase customer loyalty. Spectrum’s day-to-day PPC Ads Management service helps you stay ahead of the competition by combining human intelligence with powerful tools to execute goal-based new campaigns and optimize existing campaigns faster. We consistently track ads results to optimize for performance and ensure complete transparency through real-time communication, weekly reporting updates, and monthly performance reviews. As an Amazon Ads Partner agency, Spectrum always stays up to date with Amazon’s latest releases, new ad products, updates and features. You can rest assured that your ads are in experienced hands.

Service Outcomes

  • Improved Brand Awareness and Traffic
  • Improved Conversions
  • Improved ROAS and ACOS
  • Improved Customer Loyalty

5. Brand Development & Management 

Developing a brand around your products improves your business’s goodwill in the market. It gives you the flexibility to sell your ideas and not just the products with the goal of nurturing your customers to think the way you want them to think and believe.

Spectrum makes use of all the benefits and features that an Amazon brand entails to boost the discoverability and desirability of the product listing. The ability to run Sponsored Brands and Display Advertising campaign strategies, design an engaging storefront and exhibit the visually stunning A+ Content on your PDPs are the few that directly impact and improve your listing Impressions, Click-Through Rate, Conversion-Rate and Sales.    

Spectrum, with Brand enrollment in place, ensures the product listing is hijack-free, backed up with Amazon social posts to boost awareness, leveraging the brand analytics insightful data dashboard in making the informed strategic business decisions and more; all that comes within and complements the brand’s existence.

Service Outcomes

  • Improved Advertising Opportunities = More Reach and Brand Awareness
  • High Intent Traffic = Improved Click-Through Rate
  • More Sales = Rising BSR

6. Logistics & Fulfillment

Don’t want your customers to bail out on you? Falling behind in maintaining the IPI score? Spectrum will guide and support you in efficiently utilizing Amazon’s Logistics & Fulfillment capabilities to your advantage.

The Logistics & Fulfillment efficiency of any business is a key metric in determining the business’s overall operational excellence. No wonder, why Amazon puts so much emphasis on it. It’s highly possible that your customers, even the highly intrigued ones, could go wild and turn 360 if their packages are not being delivered on time. This is enough to even negate the quality of the product in most cases.

With Spectrum’s foolproof inventory planning and management expertise; never getting out of stock, damaged or stranded inventories are taken care of in time, storage costs are audited frequently to avoid paying extra, achieving maximum liquidation possible at a bare minimum loss for soon-to-be disposed of inventory; expect these and more to achieve high IPI score. Spectrum has in-depth expertise in building an inventory planning infrastructure that is laser-focused on staying in stock, maintaining and improving BSR and forecasting what’s about to come. Let Spectrum design a superior inventory planning strategy that is up to par, meets your business needs and beats the competition.

Service Outcomes

  • No more Unanticipated Stock-Outs = More Sales
  • Efficient Warehousing and Quality Assurance  = Improved IPI score
  • More +ve Reviews = More Sales = Rising BSR

7. End-to-End Operations, Compliance & Performance Management

Spectrum is a full-service eCommerce agency that provides End-to-End business support to Amazon sellers in achieving their Operations, Compliance, and Performance Management goals competently and profitably. Resolving Amazon catalog issues, Listing quality enhancements with relevant SEO and Visuals, implementing effective Ads strategy, fine-tuning customer service standards, Case log handling, and A to Z Account Management for Amazon; We have done it all.

Though, in today’s competitive eCommerce environment, launching and managing a thriving Amazon business with all of the prerequisites stated above, requires a LOT of time, money, and multiple expertise. We solve the exact same problem by providing a one-stop solution that offers dedicated Full-Time and Part-Time Amazon experts at a fraction of cost, having multiple specialized expertise, to grow and manage your business from A-Z.

Service Outcomes

  • Less Focus on Micromanagement = More Focus on the Bottom Line
  • Reduced Cost per Acquisition of Multiple Expertise
  • Affordability, Accountability and Reliability > Best Possible ROI

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