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In order to begin selling on Amazon, you’ll need a Seller Central Account set up and configured properly with all the crucial business details. This is important to ensure your business doesn't run into problems from the very beginning. Spectrum is well versed in all the technicalities involved within this process. Similarly, Spectrum is a well adept entity that can cater to all of your catalog management needs as well. We have been in this business for many years now, thus speaking based on our experience, a well laid out foundation is a key to success in the ecommerce landscape.

Selling on Amazon never gets any better. Bezos has done it all and is still doing much for the sellers so they can have a seamless selling experience (of course the end goal is to satisfy the customers and give them a blasting shopping experience). A sophisticated structure is in place for you to list your items. All you need is a well thought out plan of what you wanna sell and how much effort you’re willing to put in to succeed. If you have identified a dream product, backed up with authentic research but not sure how to list it and share it with the world. Diving deep into the nitty gritties isn’t your thing. Then look no further! If Spectrum can do it for its 200+ satisfied customers, why can’t you be the next one.

Listing part is a step that’ll make sure your items sell because you’ll have the item listed for the shoppers to shop. Isn’t it obvious? Well nah! not any more Just by listing your items doesn’t guarantee its sale.

Stay pinned!

The reason behind is that Amazon has a specific algorithm in place that ranks the listings based on many factors that shape your listings meta information. Relevancy to the search query is one of them. Therefore, making your listing SEO (search engine optimization) friendly through a series of listing optimization techniques will ensure it sees the daylight and actually converts. It’s not that simple as it sounds. However, not impossible either. Right expertise will hit the SEO pain points right on spot. We are living it daily, making it work like clock work for our clients, and have tried countless strategies to bring positive results. If there is an update in the Algorithm, we implement it right away. Wonder why we do that? You never know which update could potentially result in your listing violating certain Amazon rules thus making it susceptible to suspensions & account bans. You wouldn’t wanna take this risk esp on Amazon where every bit of a ranking effort could easily be swept off with such an event. As mentioned earlier, nothing to worry about, spectrum has got you covered.

Same goes for the Advertisement part where you have just started a campaign in hopes of getting a sale but going into the battle with nothing in your hand and mind will result in your own loss. If you don’t know the primary keywords of your item let alone having on hand an in depth keywords research, you’re at big wrong. Amazon Advertising & SEO go hand in hand, all done simultaneously will result in a more efficient SEO strategy capable of bringing in more conversions and revenue.

Thus, it is highly recommended to step in the game with proper keywords research, competitors analysis, content research to come up with the tone your brand needs, images (lifestyle & infographics), EBC / A+ content for the registered brands. With all this done, we can safely say that we are still in the game. But the chances of winning over the conversions will greatly improve if the optimization efforts are being carried out on a regular basis to keep up with the Algorithmic change as well the competition in the market. Check out the Amazon SEO and Amazon Listing Optimization services pages for more details.

Branding gives your business and products an edge over many of the other sellers because it nurtures your customers to think the way you want them to think and believe. Your brand garners for the business a goodwill in the market. It gives you the flexibility to sell your ideas and not just the products. Those sellers who are functioning more as the educators of the community through their branding work are seen as more trustworthy and consumer friendly. Registering a brand is not that hard on Amazon if you start at the right footing with expert help on your side. It comes along with many of the benefits that give an edge to your listings over the competitors. Some of the best things you’ll bump into during this process is being able to protect your listing from harmful ingredients of the whole Amazon recipe i.e. scammers, violators or counterfeit groups taking advantage of your hard earned money and hard ranked listing, diverting a major chunk of revenue share towards them. You get to use one of the best feature Amazon has in store for you i.e. EBC/A+ content, giving you “brand owner” the ability to supplement your product listing with rich text and images combined together in a visually appealing manner. The ability to create brand storefront design & Amazon posts, running Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads and being able to analyze what matters and what not through a comprehensive look at the Amazon Brand Analytic reports. Those topics have been discussed in detail within their own specific service pages. Head over to the Brand Development & Management part; Spectrum has much more to share.

Amazon Logistics & Fulfillment
Logistics plays an important role in the success of any business. It is considered the backbone of the eCommerce business esp, if not taken seriously by some other businesses. The highly inclined customers could go wild and turn 360 if their packages are not delivered on time. The customer’s perception of any ecommerce business totally depends on how quickly they can get what they want, sometimes it’s enough to negate the quality of the product in most cases. If you don’t want your customers to bail out on you, then chart out a suitable inventory planning infrastructure that can guide your business when it’s dealing with inventory related issues. One of the important metrics to look out for is the OOS (out of stock) information/forecasting to keep your inventory levels in check all the time. This not only impacts the potential customers’ minds but also lets Amazon start deranking your hard ranked listing. The associated trust of the buyers diminishes and once again everything has to start from ground zero. The aforementioned factor and many others strongly suggests that you need to invest in your inventory planning efforts from the very beginning. More detail can be found on the Amazon Logistics & Fulfillment services page. Spectrum wants you to hear more so you can craft your inventory planning strategies up to par. If you want to learn what Spectrum can offer in this regard, send us a message.

End-to-End Operations, Compliance & Performance Management

We are a full Service Agency for many reasons. Some of the important functions we cover are providing End-to-End Operations, Compliance & Performance Management if we talk about the broad categories. Amazon as one of the largest eCommerce marketplace is one of our core expertise. We have done it all. If you are looking to outsource some of the important functions of your business and want to lay off a bit of a burden then reach out to us. We have some established principles that allow us to cater for all the pain points involved in a very holistic manner. Thus, leaving no details when tackling any issue is of utmost importance to us. Just to give the gist of some pain points, where we can help is penned down below;

Low-Quality Listings – Low Visibility, Low Targeted Traffic, Low Conversion
Low-Quality SEO – Poor KeyWords Research and Copy Writing
Low-Quality Visuals – Low Converting Gallery Images, EBC / A+ Content, Storefront Design
Ineffective Amazon Ads Strategy – PPC Campaigns with High ACOS and Low ROAS
Supply Chain Management Issues – Poor Inventory Forecasting, Management & Replenishment, etc.
Amazon Case Logs Handling – Listings Suspensions, Reimbursements, and Resolving the Errors
Cope up with High-Quality Customer Services Standards – Customer Relationship Management
Maintaining a Healthy Seller Account – Policy Compliance and Shipping Performance
Managing Your Amazon Account – Exhausted by Day to Day Operations with No Time to Focus on the Bottom Line

Managing all the above is a daunting process and requires a LOT of time, money, and multiple expertise. 

We solve the exact same problem by providing a one-stop solution that offers dedicated Full-Time and Part-Time Amazon experts at a fraction of cost, having multiple specialized expertise, to grow and manage your business from A-Z.

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