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Advertisement works as the locomotive for your product, carrying your product's message across a vast array of audiences that can receive benefit in one way or another. Amazon allows products to be advertised in a number of ways in order to rank and reach a greater audience. Spectrum BPO has got all of it covered under its Amazon Advertisement Umbrella of services. Spectrum BPO has garnered a name for itself in the field of eCommerce and this is something which didn’t happen by chance. It’s a result of consistent efforts that spans over a decade with a plethora of success stories backing it up. Spectrum BPO has helped countless clients turn their advertisement game on the upside, achieving unthinkable results in a short span of time.
Increases Brand Awareness: We have helped countless brands achieve their awareness goals.
Increased CTR: People have actually clicked and bothered to look into our ad campaigns. We must be doing something right. No?
Increased Sales: Spectrum has helped Amazonians realize the true potential of their products in terms of increased sales.

PPC Ads Management

It is usually referred to as the PPC campaigns (Pay Per Click). Where you pay a certain CPC (cost per click) for the keywords you want your product to get ranked for against a number of criteria. Your choice of keywords will determine the success and failure of your advertisement campaigns or let say your business as a whole. Bidding on the wrong keywords would be the last thing any business would ever want. So, taking professional assistance in this regard is highly recommended.

Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine has been a remarkable initiative on part of Amazon. It caters to a wider audience of the new Amazon sellers community in getting genuine reviews for the listings in their initial phases of the launch. Enrolling in Amazon Vine would allow Amazon to strategically make your inventory available for the vine participants, where they’ll receive the items with no cost to them whatsoever and will come up with a genuine review if they would like to. 

If you are new to Amazon, the most important thing your product needs is getting some good reviews to step up and give a boost to the listings while they are still new to the Amazon marketplace. Customers find reviews quite helpful in making an informed purchasing decision. So it’s better to get them earlier in the game.

Amazon Deal

Amazon offers different kinds of deals that allows customers to get the best out of their hard earned money and have a wonderful shopping experience. While at the same time, it gives sellers their listing’s the visibility, sales and brand awareness without having to pay for high up front costs of marketing. All, any seller, has to do is to allocate a minor portion of the margin in each product’s retail price and take part in the deal offerings. This is nothing compared to the boost in sales that these deals are able to generate for your business

Some of the names you might have come across are Best Deals, 7 Day Deal and Deal of the Day etc. Now, many sellers don’t know how to tap those opportunities or get their items approved to be shown in the right type of deal based on the market and product analysis.
Number of factors would make it possible for your item to actually show up there.

Prime Exclusive Discounts

As a seller, if your items are eligible for Amazon Prime then Prime exclusive discount is another opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss at any cost. This type of discount would help your prime customers to try out your offering at a certain amount or percent drop off in the price.

The strategic business advisors at spectrum bpo will guide you through the whole discounts setup, best times to schedule these and for how long in order to maximize the return.

Coupons & Promotions Management

Coupons & promotions are another best way to increase the visibility of your listings by giving your customers a chance to save some money on their valuable purchase. Promotions allow the sellers to either give a certain percent off, free items or discounted shipping to their customers. Whereas coupons are a fun way to give a set amount discount by giving your customers a code to redeem the coupon while making a purchase.

Now all this requires tremendous observation on part of the seller so a seller does not miss any opportunity of making some money out of these features. Spectrum Bpo has the best strategic resources to take care of all the marketing needs in a very proficient manner.


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