Sears Marketplace may not be as big as the giants in the Digital Marketplace Industry like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. However, it still is a key player due to its rich history that dates back to 1906. Age-wise, it is older than Amazon, eBay, and Walmart combined. So it still has a considerable amount of share left in the market due to its old heritage. Like Walmart, Sears has a vast range of physical departmental stores along with its online marketplace.

Therefore, it gives its customers a variety of shopping choices through multiple Sears platforms including, Sears mobile, Sears kiosks that are located in their departmental stores all across the US,, and

As a seller, Sears can be an ideal platform to sell in over 20 major merchandise categories. This is because over 16 million customers shop every month in those Sears categories. More than 130 million active members make Sears truly an amazing marketplace to sell on. Also, Sears provides personal attention to sellers with a pretty simple account interface through which you can easily use Sears service of inventory and order management.

If you’re a new seller, our Sears service team will initially guide you to choose from different selling options offered by Sears & then comprehensively brief you regarding the obligations of Sears Marketplace Agreement. However, if you have a store running on Sears and you are looking for a Sears marketing expert who can expertly manage your product listings and incoming orders, then you don’t need to search anymore. Spectrum BPO offers premium Sears marketing services that will efficiently optimize your Sears Store and expand the reach of your business to millions of people across the globe. Our services in this regard include:

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One of our key components in the Sears service range includes inventory management on your Sears account. Our Sears marketing expert team will optimize your existing product listings and if you want to get new products listed on the respective platform, our experts will list them using contemporary product listing methods and in accordance with the trends of Sears Marketplace.

Our highly professional Sears marketing expert team will manage your incoming orders along with prompt tracking updates so that the customers are informed as soon as the order is dispatched to their address from Sears facilities. Moreover, if customers want to return the product or ask for a refund, our Sears service team will ensure that all returns are managed smoothly without any problem.

If you want high-quality optimization for your Sears listing images, our top-notch graphic designers will serve you with delicious imagery that will attract customers at first glance. As soon as your products create impressions, they will quickly appeal to the customers to click and add your products in their cart. All this will happen due to the high-resolution photos that will not get ignored in Sears search results without a click from the customers!

Our enthusiastic Sears service team will constantly analyze your seller metrics and create a regular report of your listed items at regular intervals. This will help you to gain a better understanding of the current performance of your Sears inventory and assist you in the creation of a more competitive Sears marketing strategy and eventually a more effective Sears advertising strategy.

Our Sears service team will also efficiently deal with customer queries and messages on your Sears Seller Portal. Our professional experts possess top-notch communication skills and thus they will effectively deal with all sorts of queries of your customers on Sears.

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