Case Study/

Scaling Organic Sales For A Gourmet Private Label’s Amazon Journey from $4K to $30K


The case study revolves around a private label brand operating in the gourmet food category. The client’s objective was to significantly boost organic sales and achieve specific sales milestones. This study outlines the challenges faced, strategies employed, and outcomes achieved through a series of steps aimed at optimizing various aspects of the Amazon store.

🎯 Client Goals & Collaboration Motive:

The client’s initial organic sales for January 2021 stood at $4,351.93. The overarching goal was to elevate these sales to $10,000. The collaboration was fueled by the need to enhance organic sales performance and capitalize on the potential of the Amazon platform.

Challenges Faced

Several challenges hindered the client’s growth aspirations:

  • Limited Product Range: The Amazon store had only two listed products.

  • Lack of PPC Campaigns: The absence of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns limited visibility.

  • Missing Infographic Images: Infographic images were absent for product listings.

  • A+ Content Absence: A+ content, crucial for product conversion, was not present.
  • Listing Structure: Listings lacked parent-child variation setup.

  • Inadequate Back-End Search Terms: Back-end search terms were missing.

  • Basic Storefront Missing: A basic store front was required for improved branding.

  • Content Quality: Listings suffered from subpar content quality.

Steps Taken:

The project encountered the following challenges:

  • Listing Overhaul & Variation Setup: New listings were created from scratch, integrating parent-child variation setup.

  • PPC Campaigns Implementation: PPC campaigns were launched to enhance product visibility.

  • Enhanced Content Creation: Infographic images and A+ content were crafted to enhance product appeal.

  • Storefront Setup: A basic store front was established and linked to the listings.

  • Keyword-Rich Content: Listings were enriched with high-volume keywords for improved discoverability.


  • Organic sales were successfully elevated to $10,561.43 after three months of implementing the custom designed strategical approach.

Transition to Next Goal:

20K Sales: With the initial goal achieved, the client aimed to reach $20,000 in sales and faced the following challenges:

  • Unlisted Key Products on FBA.

  • Storefront Design Upgrade.

  • New PPC Campaign Development.

  • Initiating Amazon Posts for Traffic.

  • A+ Content Enhancement.

Steps Taken:


  • FBA Integration: Key products were transitioned to Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) for wider reach.

  • Storefront Enhancement: A visually appealing storefront design was implemented.

  • Amazon Posts Strategy: Amazon posts were initiated, with two weekly posts for increased traffic.

  • Sponsored Brand Campaigns: Sponsored brand campaigns were launched to leverage the new storefront.

  • Feedback & Reviews: Strategies were implemented to generate positive reviews and feedback.


  • Sales growth continued, reaching $21,368.13 within five months.

Additionally, the Amazon posts garnered 902 followers, boosting engagement.

Advancing to the 30K Sales Milestone: The next goal was set at $30,000 in sales, and challenges included:

  • Out-of-Stock Inventory.
  • Re-Optimization for High-Volume Keywords.

Steps Taken:

The project encountered the following challenges:

  • Inventory Management: An inventory forecast sheet was created to tackle stock shortages.

  • Keyword Optimization: Listings were re-optimized with high-volume keywords.

  • Aggressive Campaigns: Campaigns were intensified to drive sales.

  • Enhanced Listing Content: New and existing listings’ content was optimized with high-volume keywords.

  • Increased Amazon Posts: More Amazon posts were created to augment traffic.


  • Sales surged to $29,413.67 in January’22 nearing the $30,000 milestone.
After January 2022 organic sales

Listing Optimization Strategies:


  • Keyword Research: Utilized Amazon suggested keywords, auto-fill search terms, competitor analysis, and search term reports.

  • Enhanced Media: Improved product gallery with images and videos.

  • Compelling Content: Employed direct response copy and detailed product descriptions.

  • Review Strategy: Implemented white-hat tactics to garner more product reviews.

  • Price Optimization: Adjusted product prices for improved sales and rankings.

Day-to-Day Operations & Comprehensive Account Management:

A range of meticulous day-to-day operations were diligently handled as part of the comprehensive account management strategy. This ensured the sustained growth and optimized performance of the private label brand’s presence on the Amazon platform. The following key aspects were managed with precision and attention to detail:

  • Listing Optimization: Regular and meticulous updates were made to the listings to ensure they remained highly appealing and discoverable. This encompassed refining the title, optimizing key features, crafting compelling descriptions, strategically selecting backend keywords, curating captivating images, and maintaining variations to cater to diverse customer preferences.

  • Inventory Management: Efficient management of the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) inventory was a priority. This included generating insightful inventory reports, orchestrating smooth FBA shipments, strategic inventory planning to prevent stock outs, promptly removing unfulfillable inventory, addressing stranded inventory concerns, and consistently monitoring listing quality through a dedicated dashboard. Price alerts, inactive listings, and suppressed listings were vigilantly managed to optimize the inventory ecosystem.

  • Order Management: The seamless execution of orders was a non-negotiable aspect of operations. Thorough checks ensured that orders were meticulously prepared for timely shipment, and any potential returns were promptly addressed to uphold customer satisfaction and minimize disruptions.

  • Customer Support Excellence: Customer support was maintained at an exceptional level. Regular checks were conducted to promptly respond to customer messages, addressing inquiries, concerns, and feedback to enhance customer experience and loyalty.

  • Holistic Account Health Monitoring: The overall health of the Amazon account was a focal point. Rigorous checks ensured compliance with shipping standards, policies, and customer service benchmarks. The team diligently managed negative feedback, A-to-z Guarantee claims, chargeback claims, and performance notifications to maintain a pristine account reputation and customer trust. Voice of the Customer insights were actively integrated to refine strategies.

  • Strategic Advertising Implementation: Advertising efforts were meticulously managed to drive targeted traffic and sales. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns were consistently monitored and optimized to ensure optimal return on investment. Promotions, coupons, and other advertising strategies were deployed to capture customer attention and stimulate engagement.

  • Competitor Analysis & Continuous Improvement: The competitive landscape was consistently analyzed to identify opportunities for enhancing the overall store performance. Price adjustments, product recommendations, and other strategic enhancements were suggested based on thorough competitor assessments.

  • Review & Feedback Cultivation: Building and maintaining a positive brand reputation was paramount. The team proactively reached out to satisfied buyers, tactfully requesting reviews and feedback to organically bolster the brand’s credibility and customer trust.|

In summary, the day-to-day operations and comprehensive account management strategy were meticulously orchestrated to create a synergistic approach that propelled the private label brand’s growth trajectory on the Amazon platform. Through unwavering attention to detail, strategic foresight, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the brand not only met but consistently exceeded its sales milestones, showcasing the efficacy of a holistic and strategic approach to e-commerce management.


The case study showcases a comprehensive approach to driving organic sales growth on the Amazon platform. By addressing various challenges and implementing strategic steps, the client’s sales goals were consistently achieved and even exceeded. The integration of innovative tactics, optimization strategies, and routine account management contributed to sustained growth and customer engagement.