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Although your business might be booming and doing well, growing out your sales will remain your primary goal till forever. It might be hectic to entice customers with your products and services and at the same time keep a record of sales as well. To sort out this issue many of our retailers and service providers are facing, Spectrum BPO offers an exquisite range of Sales Support services.

We will support your selling activities by generating leads, launching integrated campaigns, and increase your customer base with different significant selling strategies. Therefore, you just need to enjoy your profitability while we will work to increase your influence in the market. Our Sales Support team will provide you with the following services:

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OUR Sales Support SERVICES

Our Retail Sales Support team will search out, qualify, and filter significant leads for your business which you can approach to sell your offered services and products. It saves you from that time-consuming market research as our team will be generating leads through the company website, professional networks, and social media platforms.

After an initial evaluation of your product range, our Technical Sales Support team will engage your customers through significant cross-selling & up-selling tactics. Our team has specialized marketing experts that perfectly know how to entice customers to purchase your complementary and supplementary products along with your main product line.

Our top-notch sales support representative team that will integrate multiple marketing channels to run your campaigns and promote your products to engage a large number of audience. This will save both your money and time as there will be one integrated platform that will simultaneously target multiple customer bases at once.

Our sales support specialist team will design custom Email marketing templates to entice your potential customers to get interested in your products & services. If you want to specifically target the Email audience, we can create beautiful Email Campaigns to engage the Email community to come and visit your brick & mortar store and buy your products.

Our vibrant Social Media Marketing experts will run social campaigns on various Social Media platforms to engage the audience in gaining attention towards your products and services. We will make social posts to increase awareness among the general public regarding your brand. In this way, numerous people will get attracted to explore further about your store which will witness an increase in customer engagement for your offered services and products.

With Google Campaigns, our team will run sponsored PPC ads through Google Ads. Just like eCommerce stores, your retail or service business will get high engagements as your business gets advertised on Google. We will use different tactics to ensure that your products and services get maximum engagements in relevant Google searches.

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