Case Study/

Reviving Sales: A Case Study on Strategic Optimization for an Australian Amazon Brand

Client Overview:

Connie, owner of XYZ, a bedding and linen brand, approached our agency in February 2023 with concerns about stagnant sales in the Australian market. The client sought to optimize their content, improve their PPC campaigns, and launch new products to revitalize their sales performance.



1.     Increase sales revenue and overall performance.

2.     Optimize content to attract more customers.

3.     Enhance PPC campaigns for better visibility and conversions.

4.     Successfully launch new products to expand the product range.

Our Strategy and Approch

1.     Assessment and Challenges:

  • Identified low search volume in the Australian market.
  • Discovered main keywords with a search volume of approximately 1000.
  • Recognized the lack of effective keywords for PPC campaigns.
  • Evaluated less effective campaign strategies.

2.     PPC Optimization:

  • Implemented keyword mining via auto campaigns to discover relevant and high-converting keywords.
  • Developed effective PPC campaigns to maximize visibility and drive targeted traffic.

3.     Content Enhancement:

  • Conducted content writing services to optimize approximately 400 listings.
  • Created compelling images and A+ Content for around 180 listings, increasing their appeal to potential customers.

4.     New Product Launches:

  • Strategically launched new products to diversify XYZ’s offerings.
  • Leveraged marketing and promotional efforts to attract a broader customer base.

Results: Achieving Remarkable Growth




1.    February 2023:

  • Sales: $35,000
  • PPC Sales: $6,000
  • ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales):
  • At the time when SpectrumBpo took over 18%.
  • The ACOS decreased to 15% after applying strategies.




2.    March 2023:

  • Sales: $45,000.
  • PPC Sales: $13,000.
  • ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales): 16%.




3.    April 2023:

  •  Sales: $50,000.
  • PPC Sales: $16,000.
  • ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales): 16%.

Key Achievements:

  • Improved click-through rates and conversion rates.
  • Achieved significant growth in gross sales and advertisement sales.
  • Maintained a commendable ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) between 15-16%.
  • Enhanced page views and sessions, leading to increased customer engagement.
  • Optimized content for approximately 400 listings, resulting in higher visibility and relevance.
  • Developed appealing images and A+ Content for around 180 listings, capturing customer interest and boosting conversions.


By implementing a comprehensive strategy that focused on PPC optimization, content enhancement, and strategic product launches, XYZ experienced a remarkable sales growth trajectory. Our collaboration with Connie and XYZ helped them overcome market challenges, attract more customers, and establish a stronger online presence in the bedding and linen niche. This case study showcases the effectiveness of our strategies in driving sales growth and underscores our expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce optimization.