Revitalizing Sales:

Transformation of Client’s Online Retail Business through Strategic Improvements & Targeted Advertising

Client Overview/Background:

Client XYZ is an online retailer specializing in the sale of beverages. In February 2023, Client XYZ partnered with SpectrumBPO, a professional full-service eCommerce company, to address their sales concerns and boost overall sales performance.


The primary objective of this successful partnership was to significantly increase sales for Client XYZ by implementing targeted strategies and making improvements across various aspects of their online presence.

Strategy & Approach:

Phase 1

The initial phase of the project focused on addressing the identified issues and implementing necessary improvements. The following strategies were employed:

1. Content optimization: Existing content on product listings was meticulously reviewed and enhanced to improve quality, relevance, and alignment with customer expectations.

2. Listing optimization: Careful optimization of product listings was performed, incorporating targeted keywords, persuasive language, and clear calls to action to enhance visibility, increase click-through rates, and improve conversions.

3. Enhanced product images: High-quality images were added to product listings to provide a visually appealing representation, resulting in increased customer engagement and positive brand perception.

4. Compelling brand story: A compelling and authentic brand story was developed to effectively communicate Client XYZ’ values, unique selling points, and mission, fostering customer trust and loyalty.

5. A+ content optimization: Product descriptions and additional content were revamped to create engaging and informative A+ content, enhancing the overall shopping experience and perceived value of Client XYZ’ products.

6. Back-end keyword optimization: Strategic incorporation of back-end keywords into product listings improved search rankings, increased discoverability, and attracted more relevant traffic.

Phase 2

Building upon the improvements made in Phase 1, the following additional strategies were implemented to further boost sales:

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign: A targeted PPC campaign was launched to increase visibility, drive qualified traffic to the listings, and maximize the return on ad spend.

2. Amazon Posts: The Amazon Posts feature was utilized to create engaging and informative content, share updates, and promote special offers, capturing the attention of potential customers and encouraging sales.

3. PPC on Back-end Keywords: PPC campaigns were specifically targeted at the identified back-end keywords to amplify the visibility and impact of the product listings in search results

Services Provided:

Throughout the project, SpectrumBPO provided comprehensive services encompassing:

  • Content optimization

  • Listing optimization

  • Listing image enhancement

  • Brand story development

  • Backend keyword utilization

  • A+ content creation
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign management


The impact of the efforts made by SpectrumBPO on Client XYZ’ sales was significant.

The sales performance before and after the project was as follows:

Before Spectrum:

  • PPC sales: $15,000
  • Ad Spend: $3,000
  • Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS): 18%
  • Overall sales: $48,000

After Spectrum:

  • PPC sales: $23,000
  • Ad Spend: $5,000
  • ACOS: 22%
  • Overall sales: $62,000
PPC Sales Case Study
PPC Total Sales Statistics