Can you believe that in 2015 eCommerce only accounted for 7.4% of total retail sales worldwide? The upside is tremendous and there will never be a better time to expand your online presence then now. The fastest and easiest way to do so is through Online Marketplaces. We can provide any type of virtual employee needed to run and manage successful Marketplace stores. Whether you need just 1 employee or a diverse team, we have the solutions. Here’s an example of what your virtual employee can be capable of:

Perform daily operational & maintanence tasks for marketplaces such as: Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba,, Rakuten, Etsy, Bonanza,, Newegg, Sears, Artfire and many more. Virtual employees can be trained to work on any marketplace.

Create and manage product listings

Handle customer support via Email & Live chat

Monitor key selling metrics and feedback

Perform market and competition research

Submit bulk product feeds (XML, CSV, Excel)

Inventory Management

Post Classified listing in Craigslist

and more… You can train your virtual employees to suit your specific business needs


M-commerce and E-commerce are emerging fastest as viable alternatives to traditional retail channels. Across horizontals (jewelry, fashion, groceries, consumer goods, etc.) Business across world are facing unique challenges, for which there is no precedence. Be it deciding on the format mix (invest in more stores or strengthen online presence?), pricing issues (how to price goods that are available at different discounts on different platforms every day?) or devising channel strategies (buy from distributors or directly from manufacturers?), the scale and nature of challenges facing retailers is unprecedented.

While several physical stores are establishing an online presence, interestingly, quite a few online retailers are setting up physical stores as a means of getting customers to engage with the brand and establishing credibility. There are no clear thumb rules for growth. As such, the retail industry is seeing immense volatility. Pace of decision-making, ability to align organizational structures and systems, increased focus on alliances and enhanced focus on listening to the customer are being seen as critical success factors.

Areas of specific interest to retailers (both traditional and online) are lead generation, unique customer service solutions and sustained customer engagement. Players in the retail industry are increasingly looking at business process outsourcing service providers that can help address their needs successfully in these areas, and help bring greater predictability to their business.

At Spectrum BPO Business Solutions, we work with several global retail and e-tail players, helping them address the challenges of a changing world, with customized solutions. 



Lead generation 

Cross-sell, Up-sell 

Integrated campaigns

E-mail campaigns

Social campaigns

Google campaigns 

Resolving customer complaints 







Influence of technology on customer expectations 

Multilingual customer service 

Social listening and online reputation management 

Omni-channel services, 24/7

Technology integration 

Product support 

Technical support 

Applications support 

Installation & trouble-shooting