AFB International – Amazon PPC Advertising

Taking care of multiple accounts and their PPC the client has made his own team of 5 agents and every single one of them delivers outstanding performance from clients standpoint.

Deal Popper – Amazon PPC Advertising

Maintaining the ACOS and keeping it as low as possible is one of the duties we have. We ran this account for more than a year and delivered the best possible results by targeting the right keyword that will bring in the sales.

Action Emporium – Amazon PPC Advertising

We have been maintaining PPC advertising for this client for 3 years now and have brought down the ACOS significantly. The client seems to be very happy and promises to continue working with us.

Sayn Commerce – Amazon PPC Advertising

Started with one account and currently, we are managing multiple accounts and their advertising for this client. He is always happy when we discuss new ideas with him.

RAE Industries – Amazon PPC Advertising

The client gave us a deadline of 3 months to improve the PPC and bring down the ACOS after we took over the account we delivered the expected results in one and a half month and the client was more than happy.

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