Pay Per Click (PPC)

Although organic search optimization may give you some sales, they might not beat the intense competition imposed by the search engine ads. Therefore, it becomes difficult for online sellers to get that prestigious top ranking in searches. So, to outrank this competition, we need to shift our gears to the next level by beating search engine advertisements.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the most advanced techniques of digital marketing. Many online sellers seek a valuable Return on Investment (ROI), by paying out for keywords and social media advertisements. With effective PPC strategies, these paid clicks will yield high ROI due to an increase in outreach.

Knowing the valuable importance of what role the PPC ads can play in the growth of your online business, Spectrum BPO offers an extensive range of PPC marketing services that ideally suits your business needs:

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Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Every online seller is aware of the importance of keywords for the relevant searches. Our specialized PPC advertising experts will search out those keywords that help to gain max CTR and optimal conversions to sustain the ROI percentage of your business. This research will ensure that when a customer searches for a relevant search query, that individual lands on your landing page through the sponsored ad link.

Our PPC marketing experts will provide you with high-quality Landing Page Optimization through strategic techniques involving Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and A/B Testing. In this way, your website landing page will achieve its desired conversion goals and the offered page will help to smooth out your user journey. With improved elements on the web page and easy accessibility, your customers will fall in love with your website interface, alluring them to spend some bucks on your products.

With Google Ads, our team will set up sponsored ads of your website on different platforms of Google including Google Search Engine, Gmail, and YouTube. Moreover, with Bing Ads, you would be able to create likewise campaigns for Bing Search Engine as well.

  • Google Tag Manager

Our team will set up sponsored campaigns on Bing and Google Ads offering different types of campaigns such as Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Video Ads, Gmail Ads, YouTube Ads, and Mobile App Ads. Moreover, our PPC management experts will efficiently work on Google Tag Manager as well while deploying marketing tags that entice customers to visit your website.

  • Google Merchant

Do you want your products to get featured on Google Shopping? With Spectrum BPO, you won’t be facing any issues at all. Our vibrant eCommerce PPC management team will work on your product feed to get approved on Google Merchant for different countries and languages. In this way, you will be able to sell your products in different regions altogether and makes your product more specific to the targeted niche, making its accessibility a lot easier than before.

Therefore, our PPC marketing specialists will work on the aforementioned platforms through an effective bid management strategy that will yield high ROI for your business. The specialized team will adequately work with diverse techniques while making sure that with a limited budget, your ad campaigns yield maximum results and there is:

  • Less bounce rate for the website
  • Max conversion rate
  • CPC Maintenance (Less CPC Maintenance)
  • Max CTR
  • Max ROI

Team Spectrum BPO’s highly professional specialists of eCommerce PPC management target the Social Media audience with Social Media Marketplaces Optimization (SMO). We will run targeted shopping ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat to enhance the interest of the audience to visit and buy from your eCommerce store.

Our PPC experts will carry out Remarketing and Retargeting of your products by enticing the potential customers of your website. Thus, with the help of some strategic tools such as Google Ads, we will remarket your products and services through some targeted ads so that they can attract a larger audience who previously surfed your website and are aware of your products and services.

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