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From Setbacks to Breakthroughs: Overcoming Amazon’s Complex & Toughest Listing challenges


In the highly competitive landscape of eCommerce, ensuring the accurate and continuous visibility of product listings is of paramount importance for brands. However, challenges can arise that disrupt these listings, requiring intricate problem-solving and technical expertise. This case study focuses on a scenario where the Spectrum BPO’s team successfully reinstated challenging listings on Amazon, showcasing their capability to address complex issues and build client trust.

Client Background & Problem Statement:

The client, a prominent brand in the eCommerce sector, faced a critical challenge when a set of listings were removed due to child safety concerns. Previous attempts by different service providers to reinstate the listings had failed, leaving the brand frustrated and desperate to resolve the issue promptly. This situation prompted the client to engage with the Spectrum BPO’s team for a viable solution.

Defining the Mission:

The Spectrum BPO’s team was entrusted with the demanding task of reinstating nine ASINs that had been removed. This presented a unique opportunity to not only restore the client’s listings but also to demonstrate their capabilities and establish a lasting partnership. The primary goal was to gain the client’s trust by addressing the challenge effectively and showcasing expertise that would position the Spectrum BPO’s team as a reliable partner for future technical endeavors.

Methodology & Execution:

  • Comprehensive Investigation:
    The team meticulously investigated the root causes behind the listings’ removal, identifying the pain points and issues that were impeding the reinstatement process.

  • Strategic Appeal Preparation:
    Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the issues, the team developed a compelling appeal strategy. This strategy leveraged the insights gained from the investigation to formulate strong arguments that would resonate with Amazon’s compliance department.

  • Persistence and Iteration:
    Recognizing the complexity of dealing with Amazon’s compliance team, the SPECTRUM TEAM remained persistent in their efforts. Multiple appeal attempts were made, with each iteration fine-tuned based on feedback and insights gained from previous submissions.

  • Effective Communication:
    The team maintained clear and concise communication with the client throughout the process, keeping them informed about progress, challenges, and potential outcomes. This transparent communication ensured that the client remained engaged and confident in the team’s efforts.

  • Success and Client Feedback:
    After a series of carefully crafted appeals and consistent efforts, the SPECTRUM TEAM achieved success in reinstating the listings. The client’s feedback indicated their satisfaction with the team’s performance, acknowledging their determination and expertise.

Results and Impact:

The successful reinstatement of the listings not only resolved the immediate challenge faced by the client but also had a positive ripple effect. The brand observed an improvement in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAs), indicating increased visibility and engagement with the reinstated listings. The Spectrum BPO’s team tenacity and skill in navigating the complexities of Amazon’s compliance process had a direct impact on the client’s business performance.


Spectrum BPO’s team mission to reinstate challenging listings exemplifies their dedication, technical proficiency, and commitment to client satisfaction. By addressing a formidable challenge and earning the client’s trust, the team established themselves as a reliable partner capable of handling intricate technical tasks in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape. This case study underscores the importance of thorough investigation, strategic communication, and perseverance in overcoming complex challenges.