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Breaking the trends of physical grocery stores, online marketplaces are now the next best luxury of the future. Customers now prefer to shop for their necessities and lavish wants while surfing the internet in the comfort of their homes. This phenomenon emerged in the late 20th century when digital marketplaces and online marketing companies started to emerge on a global platform.

Today, when almost a quarter of the 21st Century has passed away, online marketplaces have now become more regular shopping destinations. They are designated to meet all your needs ranging from normal grocery to luxurious goods. This is why numerous businesses have set the trend to launch their business operations online to facilitate the growing demand for serving customers through virtual online stores.

There are numerous online marketplaces that facilitate these virtual online stores. Ranging from the market giant Amazon to other considerably small but notable marketplaces of handmade goods such as Etsy, and C2C marketplace such as Tradesy. Other well-reputed online marketplaces feature eBay, Walmart, Poshmark, Sears, Aliexpress, and so on.

Operating an online store requires more time from their owners as compared to physical stores because it comes with many digital challenges that need to be tackled with effective strategies. Exploiting this market gap, several online marketing agency setups emerged along with the ever-flourishing online marketplaces. Numerous online marketing companies offered BPO services to facilitate online sellers while providing effective marketplace management for their well established online store or even for startups in the category.

However, providing BPO services is not about earning bread & butter which mostly firms seek while they open their gates to the world. Clients demand value for their money from these online marketing companies, and that value creation is only possible if the respective online marketing agency has enough experience to be able to work on all major marketplaces with utmost diversity. It is possible that one of your products becomes super hit on Amazon through effective Amazon marketing strategies but it flops out on eBay if you try to reciprocate the same Amazon strategies with eBay marketing tactics.

Therefore, each marketplace requires a different skillset and designated professional experts to deal with every online marketplace with a different mindset while considering the marketplace situation. This becomes a real challenge to operate possibly a dozen marketplaces with dozens of specialists for each marketplace that provide high-quality services with perfection.

Thus, to accomplish such challenges, Spectrum BPO offers a vast range of online marketplace services for their clients who were looking for an efficient online marketing agency to provide the best consultancy services for their online business. Our highly professional team include specialized experts for 8 major online marketplaces including:

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Our Amazon marketing agency is home to our beloved and highly specialized Amazon marketing experts that will put their best efforts to let your business get their “#1 Best Seller” tag in the respective category.

Our eBay marketing experts will conduct effective product research along with the listing, optimizing, and promoting your products on the eBay market while making effective use of eBay Seller Hub tools.

Our Walmart marketing experts will effectively guide you to successfully complete the steep registration and on-boarding process of Walmart Seller Center before you go live. If you’re already there, our experts will effectively deal with your inventory and orders along with effective marketing strategies.

If you’re a new seller, our Sears marketing experts will initially guide you in the selection of the selling program & regarding the obligations of Sears Marketplace Agreement. If you already have a Sears account, our Sears service team will efficiently deal with your Sears Seller Portal tasks.

If you sell handmade products, Etsy is the marketplace you should look out for. Our Etsy marketing experts will make the best use of simple and powerful selling tools to make you a bestseller in your category on Etsy.

Our brilliant Alibaba experts and Aliexpress marketing specialists will perfectly assist you to find reputable suppliers on Alibaba; and if you’re drop shipper looking for premium product research, our Aliexpress specialists will make careful product analysis while expertly using the free research tools of Aliexpress Dropshipping Center.

If you’re a seller of the most popular closet items, Tradesy is the best platform to generate a large stream of revenues for your business. Our Tradesy marketing experts will make full use of highly efficient selling tools on Tradesy by implementing that quick “Snap… Share… & Sell” moto of the marketplace in real-time.

The hub of the fashion world! Our Poshmark marketing experts will make sure that your adorable branded shoes, clothes, and other fashion products create the highest impressions for interested customers in search results. Thus making your earnings as stylish as you and your products.

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