Inbound Phone Support

Although written communication is a great way to address your issues in detail and to keep the record. However, sometimes a phone call is more than enough to sort out different business matters. Spectrum BPO perfectly knows how essential verbal communication can be to clear out ambiguities that may arise during business transactions. Therefore, our company offers exquisite inbound phone support service that features in-house Client Support Agents to fully assist your customers in every business matter.

We offer multilingual inbound call support through which we will talk with your customers on your behalf. Our agents will talk with your customers over call in their preferred language. Our company respects the language diversity all across the world and, therefore, has specialized agents that can talk to your customers without getting bothered about language differences. We provide inbound phone support in over ___ languages so that your customers can approach us easily without any language barriers.

Through our B2C phone support services, we will communicate with your customers over the call as well. After fulfilling some initial credentials requirements, we will directly talk with your customers on your behalf to inform them about their shipment, delivery status, payment info, order feedback, and much more. In this way, your customers will remain up-to-date regarding their order status, payment details and service quality of your business. This will increase them in brand loyalty as many customers will take your follow up as a positive gesture from your side which will showcase a sense of care you have towards your customers. Our Inbound Phone Support includes the following services but is not restricted to:

  • Multilingual Phone Support
  • Dealing with your customers’ queries
  • Informing them regarding their Order Details
  • Purchase Follow-up
  • Delivery Follow-up
  • Technical Support
  • Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Lead Generation
  • Emergency back-up

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