Case Study/

Improving Sales Performance with PPC Optimization, Graphics Enhancement, and Buy Box Resolution


Aldo Gonzalez, a prominent online retailer in the Grocery & Gourmet Food niche, initiated a project in November 2023 aimed at optimizing their sales performance. The client’s primary concerns revolved around total and organic sales growth, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising effectiveness, graphics optimization for product listings, and resolving buy box suppression issues.

Challenges Encountered by the Sellers:

Prior to the project, Aldo Gonzalez faced stagnant sales growth, notably in total and organic sales, which limited revenue potential. Their PPC advertising campaigns were ineffective, leading to high advertising costs with minimal returns. Additionally, buy box suppression on multiple listings severely impacted sales, with only 2 out of 7 listings eligible for the buy box.

Clear Definition of Aims & Objectives

The primary objectives of the project were to:

1. Increase total and organic sales figures.
2. Enhance PPC advertising performance while reducing ACOS.
3. Improve product listing graphics to attract and engage customers.
4. Resolve buy box suppression issues to maximize sales opportunities.

Approach Devised & Taken:

1. PPC Optimization:
  • Conducted a thorough PPC audit to identify inefficiencies in existing campaigns.
  • Eliminated underperforming campaigns and keywords to optimize ad spend.
  • Implemented targeted campaigns and integrated high-search volume keywords to improve visibility.
  • Monitored campaigns daily, adjusting bids based on performance metrics to optimize ROI.
2. Graphics Enhancement:
  • Conducted competitor analysis to identify industry trends and best practices.
  • Collaborated with the graphic design team to revamp product listing images and A+ content.
  • Integrated new graphics into product listings to enhance visual appeal and highlight key features, aiming to improve customer engagement and conversion rates.
3. Buy Box Resolution:
  • Addressed the buy box suppression issue by implementing various strategies, including listing optimization and compliance with Amazon’s buy box criteria.
  • Analyzed and optimized product listings to meet Amazon’s standards, thereby regaining buy box eligibility for multiple listings.
  • Successfully resolved buy box suppression for 3 additional listings, leading to increased sales opportunities and revenue generation.

The Outputs Achieved:

1. Sales Performance Improvement:
  • Total sales increased significantly from $37,282.31 (November & December 2023) to $61,743.51 (January & February 2024).
  • Organic sales also saw a notable increase from $15,543.74 to $24,697.52 during the same period, indicating improved market penetration and customer engagement.
2. PPC Performance Enhancement:
  • Optimized PPC campaigns resulted in improved sales performance and reduced ACOS from 53.83% to 42.82%.
  • The rate of improvement in sales exceeded 60%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the implemented PPC strategies in driving revenue growth.
3. Graphics Work Impact:
  • Integration of enhanced graphics and A+ content contributed to the overall improvement of product listings.
  • Enhanced visual appeal attracted more customers and potentially increased conversion rates, thereby positively impacting sales performance.
3. Buy Box Resolution Success:
  • Implementation of strategies led to the resolution of buy box suppression issues, expanding sales opportunities for Amazon Seller.
  • Regaining buy box eligibility for additional listings contributed to a marked improvement in sales and revenue generation.


Through a systematic approach encompassing PPC optimization, graphics enhancement, and buy box issue resolution, Amazon Seller successfully achieved its objectives of enhancing sales performance. The project’s outcomes included significant improvements in total and organic sales figures, enhanced PPC advertising effectiveness, and successful resolution of buy box suppression issues, positioning the client for continued growth and success in the competitive online marketplace.