Harvesting Results: Strategic Optimization Drives Remarkable Growth


This case study examines the successful growth of XYZ organic shop through the implementation of various strategies, including listing optimization, graphic design enhancements, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. By diligently addressing challenges, such as starting with a fresh account and effectively positioning the products within the farming category, the shop experienced substantial improvements in sales and overall performance.

This case study explores the phases of the project, the services involved, and the significant improvements achieved


The project faced several challenges, primarily due to the shop’s account being completely fresh at the start. The absence of listings necessitated comprehensive research into the category and careful analysis of individual products. Overcoming these challenges was crucial, as the shop specialized in farming-related products.

Nevertheless, by accurately categorizing the items and executing robust sales strategies, significant progress was achieved.

🚀 Project Phases:

During this phase, the focus was on creating new listings and optimizing existing ones. The optimization process encompassed elements such as titles, bullets, descriptions, and other crucial factors contributing to search visibility and conversion rates.

  • Phase 2 – Graphic Design Enhancements:

The second phase involved improving the visual appeal of the shop’s listings. Custom graphics and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) were created for each product, ensuring a visually captivating shopping experience for customers. Additionally, a storefront was established to enhance brand presence and further boost sales.

In the third phase, the shop employed PPC advertising to promote its products. Both manual and automatic campaigns were designed and executed to maximize sales and generate favorable outcomes. These campaigns were strategically aligned with specific items to increase visibility and attract target customers effectively.

Services Involved:

The project required the involvement of various services to ensure comprehensive support and successful execution:

  1. Account Handling: Efficient management of the shop’s account was critical to ensure seamless operations and optimize performance across all aspects of the project.

  2. Creating New Listings: The team diligently created new listings, capturing the essence of each product while incorporating best practices for improved discoverability and conversion rates.

  3. Shipment & Reimbursement: Efficient logistics and reimbursement processes were established to facilitate smooth order fulfillment and address any customer concerns promptly.

  4. PPC Advertising: Strategic PPC campaigns were developed, enabling the shop to leverage paid advertising platforms to increase visibility, attract qualified leads, and drive sales growth.

  5. Graphics Work: Custom graphics and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) were created to enhance the visual presentation of the shop’s products, effectively conveying their value and unique selling points.

Significant Improvements:

Through the implementation of the aforementioned strategies, the organic shop experienced substantial improvements:

Sales Growth: Initially, sales were minimal. However, after optimizing listings, improving graphic design elements, and launching targeted PPC campaigns, the shop witnessed a notable increase in sales compared to the previous year. The comprehensive approach contributed to a significant boost in revenue and overall performance.


The case study highlights the successful growth of XYZ’s organic shop through the systematic implementation of optimization strategies. By addressing challenges, such as starting with a fresh account, and employing a multidimensional approach encompassing listing optimization, graphic design enhancements, and PPC campaigns, the shop achieved remarkable results. The significant improvements in sales and overall performance demonstrate the effectiveness of these strategies in driving organic shop growth.

MoM Comparison (2022/2023)

Pay Per Click

MoM Comparison (2022/2023)

Pay Per Click