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From Setbacks to Sales: Overcoming Challenges in Listings & PPC

Case Overview:

In the dynamic world of #eCommerce, where competition is fierce and consumer preferences ever-evolving, a private label beauty and care product manufacturer embarked on a transformative journey with Amazon. The pursuit was not merely to sell products, but to cultivate an enduring presence, optimize sales, and nurture customer trust within this digital marketplace. This case study illuminates the challenges faced, strategic actions taken, and remarkable results achieved through a collaborative partnership with Amazon.


Amidst the digital corridors of Amazon’s vast marketplace, our client, a distinguished beauty and care product manufacturer, set forth on a mission to elevate their online presence, refine their sales strategy, and fortify their brand’s foothold. As the winds of commerce shift and consumer behaviours evolve, this case study chronicles the remarkable trajectory of their journey, from facing early challenges to orchestrating strategic solutions that yielded exceptional outcomes.

ūüéĮ Client Goals

The aspirations of our client extended beyond the conventional pursuit of sales figures. They sought to create an ecosystem that resonated with their audience‚ÄĒa realm where quality products converged with seamless shopping experiences. With a clear vision to enhance account health and sales performance, the client embarked on a path of optimization and growth.

Goals and Aspirations

At the core of the client’s goals lay a profound desire to transcend conventional retail paradigms. Beyond achieving sales figures, the client aimed to establish a brand identity synonymous with excellence, trust, and customer centricity. Their aspirations converged on two fronts:

  1. Sales Amplification: Elevate their sales figures through strategic optimizations, thereby forging a path towards sustained growth and profitability.

  2. Brand Enhancement: Foster a brand identity that resonates with customers, fostering loyalty and advocacy through exceptional product experiences and engagement.

In the midst of a competitive landscape, the client’s goals were a testament to their commitment to not merely tread the path of commerce, but to blaze a trail towards brand prominence and customer delight.

Initial Challenges

In the nascent stages of our collaboration, the client confronted an array of multifaceted hurdles that tested their strategies and adaptability:

  1. Policy Compliance and Product Removal:¬†The landscape of Amazon’s policies posed a challenge as several high-performing products were taken down due to non-compliance, disrupting their sales momentum.

  2. Listing Content Issues:¬†Ineffective listing content hindered the client’s ability to convey the uniqueness and value of their products to potential customers.

  3. Variation Setup: Unoptimized product listings lacked the structural organization needed for efficient browsing and selection through parent-child variation setups.

  4. Crucial keywords hidden in the backend remained absent, impacting the products’ discoverability and visibility.

  5.  Visual Content Deficiency: The absence of compelling infographic images led to an aesthetic and informative gap in product listings.

  6. A+ Content Absence: The lack of enriched A+ content prevented the client from providing a comprehensive brand story and product information.

PPC Challenges

PPC campaigns faced specific issues:

  • High ACOS and Low Profit Margin: Running PPC campaigns resulted in high Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) and reduced profitability.

  • Duplicate Campaigns: Repetitive campaigns targeting the same products led to inefficiencies.

  • Unutilized Campaign Types:¬†Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display campaigns were not operational.

Precise Strategy: Pioneering Transformation

In addressing these challenges, our team orchestrated a series of strategic initiatives to revive the client’s prospects:

  • Listing Reinstatement:¬†Collaborated assiduously with Amazon’s seller support to navigate the intricacies of policy compliance and resurrect suspended products.

  • Content Refinement:¬†Overhauled listing content, imbuing titles, key feature points, and descriptions with high-volume keywords.

  • Keyword Elevation / Backend Search Term Enhancement:¬†Employed an incisive approach to backend optimization, fortifying keyword ranking and discoverability.

  • Structural Cohesion:¬†Harmonized listings into cohesive parent-child variations, consolidating reviews, optimizing consumer experience and offer diverse options.

  • PPC Paradigm Shift:¬†By suspending underperforming keywords, streamlining campaigns, and implementing niche-specific portfolio structuring, the ACOS conundrum was ably tackled.

  • Campaign Rationalization:¬†Rescheduled campaigns and removed duplicates to streamline campaign management.

  • Niche-Specific Portfolios:¬†Created product portfolios based on niches like shampoo, conditioners, and body wash.

  • Competitor Intelligence:¬†Employed a reverse engineering methodology to glean relevant keywords from competitors, enhancing campaign precision.

Results Achieved by End of 2021

By the end of 2021, substantial progress was realized:

  • Total Sales:¬†$150,307.56

  • PPC Sales:¬†$53,530.28

  • ACOS: 12.27%
March Total Sales 2021
Amazon PPC Sales
Amazon PPC Sales

Challenges Post-2021 Success

The following year, new challenges emerged:

  • Out of Stock (OOS) Issues: Hot-selling products frequently went out of stock, impacting sales and organic rankings.

  • Inventory Depletion:¬†Nearly 50% inventory became OOS, jeopardizing sustained sales.

  • BSR Impact:¬†Depletion of Best Seller Rank (BSR) eroded organic ranking and customer trust.

  • PPC Dilemma:¬†OOS affected PPC campaigns and targeted keywords.

Steps Taken in 2022

To tackle the new challenges:

  • Enhanced Content:¬†Created infographics, A+ content, and brand stories for improved engagement.

  • Storefront Optimization:¬†Revamped Amazon storefront for better brand representation.

  • Keyword Monitoring:¬†Monitored listing keywords to improve organic conversion rates.

  • Stranded Listing Resolution:¬†Promptly addressed stranded listings to maintain visibility.

  • Account Health Management:¬†Ensured optimal account health to maintain high IPI scores.

  • Continued PPC Optimization:¬†Daily PPC optimization maintained ACOS stability.

  • Promotional Strategies:¬†Leveraged coupons, promotions, and Amazon Posts to attract traffic.

  • Diversified PPC Strategies:¬†Introduced different campaign types for broader exposure.

  • Focusing on Brand Awareness:¬†Ran Sponsored Brand Video campaigns for brand visibility.

Achievements by August 2022

Despite inventory challenges, positive outcomes were observed:

  • Total Sales:¬†$110,293.46

  • PPC Sales:¬†$128,992.49
By The End Of August 2022 Total Sales
PPC Sales Last 65 Days of 2022
Amazon Post Results - Followers Growth

Amazon Post Result

Initial follower count grew from 0 to 486, enhancing brand visibility.

  • Day-to-Day Operations & Account Management

  • To maintain ongoing success, meticulous attention was given to:

  • Listing Optimization:¬†Title, features, description, keywords, images, and variations.

  • Inventory Management:¬†FBA inventory, shipments, planning, and quality.

  • Orders Management:¬†Timely shipping, returns handling.

  • Customer Support:¬†Prompt response to queries.

  • Account Health:¬†Ensured policy compliance, addressed feedback and claims.

  • Advertising:¬†Managed PPC campaigns, coupons, promotions.

  • Competitor Analysis:¬†Regular analysis to improve the store.

  • Feedback Requests:¬†Engaged with buyers for reviews and feedback.


This case study encapsulates the journey of a beauty and care private label on Amazon, navigating challenges, implementing strategies, and achieving consistent growth. It underscores the importance of meticulous account management, optimized content, strategic PPC campaigns, and adaptability in the face of changing circumstances. The brand’s story serves as an inspiring example of perseverance and strategic excellence in the dynamic world of Amazon retail.