Case Study/

From Blocked to Back in Action: The Journey of Reinstating a Challenging ASIN for The Client

Case Overview:

Client BOB faced a significant challenge when their ASIN, which had been under review for three years on Amazon, was unexpectedly blocked by the compliance team. They urgently needed a solution to restore the ASIN and get their listing live. This case study highlights the challenges we faced during the process and the successful outcome achieved by our team.

The Challenge

  • Reinstating the blocked ASIN posed an array of difficulties. The ASIN had valid certifications and test reports, but it was repeatedly denied reinstatement by Amazon’s compliance team. Previous attempts by the client’s former agency to resolve the issue were unsuccessful, leaving us with a complex situation to navigate.

  • One of the primary hurdles we encountered was the unique nature of the product. While it was listed as a toy, it posed potential dangers to children. This created a delicate balance as we aimed to get the ASIN back while ensuring the product’s safety concerns were appropriately addressed.
  • The timing of the issue also compounded the challenge. The deadline for submitting the necessary documents had already passed, putting us at a disadvantage in the reinstatement process. Despite having valid documentation, the Amazon team persistently rejected our appeals, providing vague and inadequate reasons for the denials.

Strategy & Action Taken:

Our team approached the challenge with a different perspective. Instead of reiterating the same arguments that had failed before, we meticulously analyzed previous cases and devised a new approach.

Our aim was to compel Amazon support to give careful consideration to our requests and understand the gravity of the situation.

Comprehensive Documentation Review: Our team meticulously reviewed all the client’s documentation, including valid certifications and test reports, to ensure they met Amazon’s compliance requirements. We identified any potential shortcomings and addressed them proactively.

To address the safety concerns, we conducted a thorough review of the product and its intended use. Armed with this knowledge, we prepared a comprehensive safety plan that outlined how potential risks would be mitigated. This allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the product’s safety and compliance with relevant regulations.

Customized Appeal Strategy: We also proactively engaged with Amazon’s compliance team, maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process. By establishing clear and transparent communication, we sought to build a collaborative relationship that fostered understanding and trust.

Crafting a compelling appeal was crucial. We structured the appeal in a professional manner, providing detailed evidence and explanations to debunk any erroneous reasons previously provided by Amazon’s compliance team.

Highlighting the Safety Concerns: To accentuate the significance of the issue, we emphasized the potential safety risks the product posed to children. This approach aimed to prompt Amazon’s compliance team to prioritize the reinstatement process.

Results & Achievements:

1.      Prompt Reinstatement: Despite facing multiple denials from Amazon’s compliance team, we achieved the reinstatement of the blocked ASIN within just one day of submission.

2.      Listing Restoration: The ASIN’s listing, which had been pending for three years, was promptly restored and made live on the platform within three days of approval.

3.      Preservation of Reviews: Throughout the reinstatement process, all the previous reviews for the ASIN were successfully retained, maintaining valuable social proof for the product.

4.      Unique Approach: Our team’s innovative and strategic approach, based on analyzing past cases, allowed us to present a compelling argument to the compliance team and secure approval.

5.      Safety Compliance: To address the product’s safety concerns, we prepared a comprehensive safety plan, showcasing our commitment to ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

6.      Effective Communication: Open and transparent communication with Amazon’s compliance team played a crucial role in building a collaborative relationship and gaining their understanding and trust.

7.      Client Satisfaction: The successful resolution of the ASIN blockage exceeded the client’s expectations, instilling newfound confidence in our services and expertise.

8.      Demonstrated Expertise: Overcoming the complex challenges of this case demonstrated our team’s proficiency in navigating intricate issues within the online marketplace.


The successful reinstatement of Client BOB’s blocked ASIN on Amazon highlights the critical importance of understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by sellers in the online marketplace.

By employing innovative strategies, thorough analysis, and open communication, we were able to accomplish what seemed impossible at first. This case study serves as a testament to our commitment to assisting clients in navigating intricate issues and achieving their desired outcomes in a professional and efficient manner