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Are you lost in the Amazon, eBay, and Walmart eCommerce Space? Looking for a One-Stop Solution to Get More Done and Scale your eCommerce Business? Not sure what to do next? Need a Growth Strategy? Our down-to-earth eSAMS Growth Program can help.

Our game-changing eSAMS Growth Program provides an all-in-one, never seen before solutions to eCommerce sellers and brands to help scale their business by saving time and getting it all done with one team led by an experienced strategic account manager without needing to hire for every marketplace or expertise.

Our talented experts, content writers, and graphic designers collaborate as a team under the leadership of a designated strategic account manager to manage it from A to Z.

What Does eSAMS Growth Program Mean for You?

Designated Strategic Account Manager

The right marketing strategy matters now more than ever! Work directly with an expert who understands the platforms and enhance your business opportunity to generate more revenue and profit. This includes monthly review calls to discuss overall progress, weekly updates, and daily communication with your account manager as needed.

Top 3 Marketplaces Covered

No doubt Amazon is the King of eCommerce retailers, there are millions of products on Amazon. Besides Amazon, a vast majority of sellers consider expanding next to Walmart and eBay that is a behemoth in its own right. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Branch out in multiple platforms to achieve more growth and leverage different exciting features available on each platform.

Strategic Business Advice

Every brand and its products are unique which is why there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach, received wisdom, or universal best practices that can be true for every brand. Your account manager works with you to understand your brand values and business goals and prioritize his efforts to build a business growth plan, execute it, and oversee the project to monitor progress.

Premium Operational Support

Our team will help you with any and all day to day monotonous but important tasks on Amazon, eBay and Walmart like Catalog management, Manual and bulk listing creation, Customer support, Orders and returns processing, Claims processing, Case logs, Inventory management, Setting up sponsored ads, coupons, early reviews, and sales, Shipments creation, and tracking, Category unblocking, GTIN exemption, Photoshop editing, Buy box, Feedback and reviews requests, eBay motors fitment, Account health monitoring, and much more.

Value Added Services


Your account manager works with our prolific content writers, graphic designers, and experts to handle all your project needs through a range of specialized skills so that you can get more done. VAS covered in the package are eBay listing template and storefront design, Amazon A+ content and storefront design, Product hunting, Product sourcing, Competitor analysis, Keyword research, Copywriting, Listing optimization, Amazon PPC setup and management, Lightning Deals, Product ranking, POA/suspensions, Amazon brand registry and more.


Free Account Audit with Action Plan


Your strategic account manager will conduct a comprehensive audit of your seller accounts to pinpoint growth opportunities and will create a list of action items to best avail those opportunities. Whether your Amazon listing is needing A+ content to increase conversions, your eBay listings are needing a selling template design, you need a storefront design for your Amazon or eBay account to build brand awareness or there’s room for improvement in your PPC or sponsored ads strategy, etc. Your account manager will identify all such opportunities and work with you to help grow your business.


Eligibility Criteria

You must have an active selling account in good health on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. You are looking to hire for multiple skill set to scale your eCommerce business that involves expertise like copywriting, graphic designing, enhanced brand content, marketing and other strategic areas which can’t be all managed by a regular VA (Virtual Assistant). You are looking for someone like a Strategic Account Manager to take a lead and help you identify, strategize, and prioritize growth opportunities that will maximize your potential across top Online Marketplaces.

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