Enhancing Sales & Visibility on Walmart Through Targeted Advertising

Driving Sales Growth on Walmart Marketplace with Targeted Advertising


This case study explores the journey of a seller creating listings on Walmart Marketplace from scratch and leveraging targeted advertising to significantly boost sales and visibility.


  • Creating Listings from Scratch: Building product listings with high-quality content and images.

  • Launching Campaigns: Implementing effective advertising strategies.

  • Low Ratings: Overcoming initial low customer ratings.

  • Listing Quality Issues: Addressing problems flagged in Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard.

  • Content & Discoverability: Ensuring product content is optimized for search visibility.

  • Late Shipment Rates: Reducing instances of late deliveries.

  • Seller Response Rate: Improving responsiveness to customer inquiries.

Solutions Implemented

  • Created Listings on Walmart: Developed comprehensive and engaging product listings.

  • Added Video to Listings: Enhanced listings with video content for better customer engagement.

  • Walmart Brand Registry: Enrolled in the registry to protect and promote the brand.

  • Created a Storefront: Established a branded storefront to consolidate product offerings.

  • Review Accelerator Program: Participated in the program to boost customer reviews.

  • Offered Promotional Pricing: Attracted customers with special pricing.

  • Targeted Advertising Campaigns:

  • Launched on March 23, 2024: Initiated both auto and manual campaigns focusing on Sponsored Product Campaigns.

  • Sponsored Brand Campaigns: Used video content targeting high search volume keywords.

  • Sponsored Video Campaigns: Utilized additional video content targeting high search volume keywords.

  • Bidding Strategy: Started with aggressive bidding on high-relevance keywords to maximize visibility.

  • Optimized Listing Content: Used high search volume keywords for better discoverability.

  • Weekend Delivery: Enabled weekend deliveries to improve on-time shipment rates.

  • Start Working on PPC: In the Month of March we didn’t have any PPC campaign in this Account. On 23rd March I launched the Auto Campaigns and after 2 days I launched more Campaigns, launched manual campaigns Such as Sponsored Product. Initially we only took impressions then I launched Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Video Campaign and used video in those campaigns. In this result we took more impressions as well as clicked and after 1 week we got a sale through PPC.


  • Sales Increase: Monthly sales surged from $0 to $2,596.40 with a TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sale) of 6%.

  • Improved Visibility: Targeted advertising significantly increased traffic to product listings.

  • Enhanced Delivery Rates: On-time delivery rates improved markedly.

  • Resolved Rating Issues: Addressed and improved customer ratings and reviews.

Key Strategies

  • Keyword Optimization: Employed relevant keywords to enhance product search visibility.

  • Competitive Analysis: Analyzed market trends and competitor strategies to refine advertising approaches.

Continuous Monitoring

  • Ongoing Adjustments: Regularly monitored performance and made necessary adjustments to campaigns and strategies to maintain effectiveness.

Next Steps

  • Campaign Optimization: Continuously monitor and fine-tune advertising campaigns for further improvement.

  • Inventory Management: Ensure sufficient stock to meet increased demand driven by ads.

  • Creating Walmart Shop: Utilize Walmart’s new shop feature to maximize conversions.


  • Implementing targeted advertising on Walmart led to a significant increase in sales, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness in reaching wider audiences, driving brand awareness, and boosting overall sales performance.

Performance Snapshot

  • Before (23 May to 30 April): Initial phase with no significant sales.

  • After (1 May to 27 May): Achieved sales of $9,923.85 with a TACOS of 17%.

By leveraging targeted advertising and continuous optimization, the seller successfully transformed their Walmart Marketplace presence, resulting in substantial sales growth and improved customer engagement.


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