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Emails are as of yet the most intriguing ways to target and communicate with your customers. This is because according to a survey, 59% of people agreed that Emails do influence their purchasing decisions. Moreover, according to another well-reputed source, more than 90% of people check their email every day. Therefore, Email campaigns can be an ideal way to target your customers and spike your sales.

Spectrum BPO always remains a pioneer while providing one of the best email campaign services in the market. Like our other services, our dedicated marketing team will create mesmerizing Email campaigns to remarket and retarget your products and services to extend your outreach and capture a big share of the market.

With a themed layout, awe-inspiring graphics and rich content; our marketing team in collaboration with our design team and Content Department, will launch on-demand Email Campaigns to entice your customers with your new promotions and offers. The best part about our Email Campaign Services is personalized templates that we create for Email marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is not just the content of your emails that will be taken care of, our Email Campaign Specialist will use astonishing email templates to attract your customers to visit and purchase from your web store. So let us introduce you to some of our hot email campaigns

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OUR Email Campaigns SERVICES

To ensure that your customers feel happy after making their first purchase with you, our specialized team will send a special email to your new customers. That email will greet them with a warm welcome for becoming part of your business family. That way, they get to know about your company and the sense of care your business has for them.

Many of your customers might be enjoying their birthday or anniversary today. Why not treat them with a special surprise? Our team of Email Campaign experts will send personalized emails to your customers while serving them with some delicious discount offers, promotion codes, and deals that they can’t say no to.

Want to give your customers a mouth-watering discount offer for Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any upcoming events? Spectrum BPO has got it covered for you. Just choose your custom email template and leave the rest to our prolific content writers and graphic designers to come up with mesmerizing email content that will engage your potential customers to make the most of your flash sale offers.

Our marketing team will prepare weekly or monthly newsletters that will keep your customers informed regarding your products and services. It’s not exactly an email campaign but a smart remarketing move to regularly communicate with your customers while educating and entertaining them at the same time.

Someday, you may decide to change your corporate image as a part of your business growth strategy. In that case, how will you inform your customers about this major change? Well, no worries since you have the services of Team Spectrum BPO who will send awe-inspiring rebranding emails to your customers and make them curious and enthusiastic to know about the new face of your company.

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