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Challenges Met & Conquered: A Case Study in Streamlining Operations


In 2019, Brand Expand and Spectrum BPO initiated a strategic partnership, focused on offering product giveaways for Amazon sellers. Their primary goal was to engage with top Amazon sellers, providing them with opportunities to enhance their business through Brand Expand’s services. During the initial phases, Brand Expand’s operations relied heavily on manual processes, predominantly using Google Sheets. Each seller launch required dedicated Google Sheets and numerous other spreadsheets to efficiently manage launch data for successful campaigns.

Team & Early Operations

At the outset, Brand Expand had a three-member team assigned by Spectrum BPO led by a Brand Manager delegating responsibilities to the team who acted as his assistant. To streamline task execution, Seth created instructional videos for various functions. Meanwhile, Dee served as the Buyer Team Manager, overseeing buyer team activities. Recognizing the need to expand the seller base, Seth devoted significant efforts to engaging with sellers to drive business growth.

Roles of Spectrum BPO (2019-2021)

A brand manager with a team was assigned to the client representing Spectrum BPO, juggled a diverse range of daily tasks:

  • Launch Setup: This complex process involved setting up various giveaway promotion launches, such as add to cart, search find buy, search find compare buy, helpful votes, and add to wishlist. These campaigns required meticulous attention to detail and careful logic.

  • Customer Support: The team provided customer support, engaging directly with clients to offer detailed information about services. This included sending Launch Start Emails and Launch Summary Emails, ensuring effective communication.

  • Keyword Tracking: Our team monitored keyword performance for active launches, generating comprehensive reports and providing clients with valuable insights and recommendations to improve their keyword rankings.

  • OAR (Order Accuracy Rate) Management: The team ensured the accuracy and quality of service delivery by checking the Order Accuracy Rate for each launch and reporting the results to Seth.

Brand Expand & Spectrum BPO Journey: 2021-Present

  • Early Stages and Adaptations
    As the workload increased in complexity, Seth decided to automate the launch setup process. Software development commenced in 2021, and the beta version was ready by early 2022. Zeeshan from Spectrum BPO joined Brand Expand to further drive business growth.
  • Enhancing Operations & Meeting Growing Demands
    In 2022, the team transitioned from Google Sheets to advanced software and assumed new responsibilities. They generated insightful reports and provided valuable suggestions to enhance the giveaway process and seller satisfaction. Their work spanned from 1K MMR to 50K+ MRR, showcasing Spectrum BPO’s support throughout Brand Expand’s journey.
  • Present-Day Brand Expand
    Today, the team manages various tasks, including Launch Setup, Launch Finish Emails, Keyword Audit, Wallet and Rebate Adjustment, Launch Monitoring, Schedule vs. Actual Analysis, Keyword Monitoring, Dashboard Updates, participation in Standup Meetings, and handling Custom Tasks and Reporting. This journey reflects their adaptability and commitment to driving their clients’ businesses to new heights.


Brand Expand began managing a single project but expanded its scope to encompass multiple projects, encountering significant challenges along the way. They embraced this growth, taking on additional responsibilities with enthusiasm to maximize their contributions. Their dedication to delivering exceptional services and satisfying their primary stakeholder, Seth, remains unwavering. They have consistently accommodated client requests for supplementary services and committed to delivering the highest standards of quality, even during exigencies.

Yearly Giveaway Launches Overview

In this context, the term “launch” refers to the giveaway process for each seller, and its unique ID number changes with each giveaway event.

Year Vs Launch Stats - Best Ecommer Seller Case Study

Seth Hurd, CEO of Brand Expand, have testified on multiple platforms to demonstrate their trust in Spectrum BPO and to recommend Spectrum BPO to fellow eCommerce sellers.

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