Spectrum BPO, your partner for the end to end Data Entry Solutions. In Data We Trust!

A wise man once said, “Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”

Data entry services are of a significant importance in all business organizations in various industry niches. Feeding data into the computer, tasks as such may not carry much weight if seen casually, but as a matter of the fact, accurate and on time feeding of essential information into the database is the lifeblood for making deliberate decisions, business growth and evolution in strategies. World leaders in the industrial sectors including E-commercehealthcarereal estatelegaladvertising,banking & financetransportation & logisticsrestaurant & hospitalityinsurance, and various other large-scale industries are on a quest for top-notch data entry services. These organizations may receive information in the form of a physical object (in particular paper) – these may be vouchers, invoices and bills, test requisition forms, receipts, insurance claims, Application forms, legal documents, and more. Outsourcing data entry increases the business’s productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

Spectrum BPO prides itself as one of the leaders in rendering the highest quality data entry outsourcing services at unbeatable prices. Since 2008, we have been serving small startups all the way up to multi-million dollar companies across the globe in managing and organizing heaps of data.

Owing to our extensive knowledge and unique techniques, Spectrum Bpo ensures absolute accuracy in voluminous data entry. Our professional data entry experts work with remarkable persistence, organized functioning and within minimum turnaround time.

Our Data Entry Services

Spectrum provides an array of data entry services specifically tailored for your business requirements. Here’s what our data entry specialists are capable of:

Online Data Entry

  • Online Images Data Entry
  • Online Data Entry of Bills / Receipts
  • Online E-Commerce Product Data Entry
  • Online Catalog Data Entry
  • Online Content Data Entry
  • Online Orders Processing / Data Entry
  • Online Form Filling / Data Entry
  • Online Survey Forms
  • Online Banking Documents Data Entry
  • Online Database Software Data Entry
  • Google Drive (Google Sheets, Docs, Slides)
  • Online Data Entry of Handwritten Documents
  • Online Data Entry for Medical Records
  • Online Data Entry for Legal Documents
  • Online Contacts Lists / Labels Data Entry
  • Online Insurance Claims Data Entry
  • And More..

Offline Data Entry

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Offline Form Processing / Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry of Bills / Receipts
  • Offline E-Commerce Product Data Entry
  • Offline Catalog Data Entry
  • Building URL Lists
  • Offline Data Entry of Handwritten Documents
  • Offline Data Entry for Medical Records
  • Offline Data Entry for Legal Documents
  • Offline Contacts Lists / Labels Data Entry
  • Offline Insurance Claims Data Entry
  • Offline Orders Processing / Data Entry
  • Maintaining Employees Data
  • Offline Banking Documents Data Entry
  • Offline Database Software Data Entry
  • And More..

Typing & Data Entry

  • Business Typing
  • Technical Typing
  • Medical Typing
  • Typing Quotes
  • Typing Scriptures
  • Typing Literature
  • And More..

Micro Jobs / Short Tasks

  • Captcha Data Entry
  • Copy & Paste Data Entry
  • Captioning

Data Conversion

  • Image to Text Data Entry
  • Audio to Text Data Entry

Data Entry Keyer

  • Catalog Data Entry Operator
  • Payroll Data Entry Operator
  • Entering Data into Web-Based System

Customized Data Entry Solutions

Every business is unique, which is why Spectrum provides customized data entry solutions to its clients. Just need 1 expert? That’s OK! Need a team of experts? We can support that too! Contact us so we can discuss your requirements, and begin the process of achieving them.