BigCommerce Store Management

BigCommerce, like its name, is a big S.a.a.s platform in the world of eCommerce. Unlike other eCommerce store management programs, the BigCommerce store does not heavily rely on the support of supplementary apps and plugins. It is a perfect combination of all the built-in features of BigCommerce Store Manager and essential apps that ideally an eCommerce store manager should have. This makes BigCommerce a top-notch choice for online sellers due to all-round accessibility without paying further for Apps and Plugins.

Although, it might seem a bit easy to hear that BigCommerce Store Manager has the features built-in so it will be simpler to use as compared to other eCommerce store managers. However, the reality is a bit different. With such an integrated platform, it is very tricky to work on as one bad move may affect all your stores at once. That is why it is hard to find BigCommerce experts in the market because firstly the reason is already mentioned that due to the high technicality involved, many people are reluctant to operate such an essential eCommerce platform. Secondly, the one who is an expert will charge pretty high for the services provided.

Considering this market gap, Spectrum BPO provides highly professional BigCommerce virtual assistant support for our valuable clients. Our in-house BigCommerce experts work in teams to provide top-notch optimization for your eCommerce store at a fraction of cost. We provide the following BigCommerce services in this regard

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Our BigCommerce Store Management

Our BigCommerce experts will assist you to set up your BigCommerce store through powerful all-round tools available on BigCommerce Store Manager. Whether you want to get your products listed or optimized, our specialized team will effectively manage your store inventory. Moreover, we will also Push your BigCommerce listings to Multiple Marketplaces so that you can operate your different online marketplace accounts from one platform.

Through the BigCommerce store, our specialized BigCommerce marketing team can also synchronize your social media accounts with your eCommerce store. This option will make your social media accounts shoppable in a way that customers will be redirected to your store if they go on to explore your social media posts.

With the built-in abandoned cart saver, our BigCommerce experts will help you recover your revenue lost in abandoned carts. Through this brilliant feature, our BigCommerce marketing team will send reminder emails to the customers regarding the items that they added in the cart but have not purchased yet. Once they proceed to the checkout, your potential revenue gets cashed-in and thus increases your overall profitability.

Our specialized BigCommerce experts make full use of personalized marketing tools offered by BigCommerce Store Manager. We will work on effective on-site targeting strategies for your eCommerce store, make awe-inspiring email marketing campaigns, and on-site merchandising support for your online store.

With BigCommerce Store, Team Spectrum BPO will also synchronize your domestic online store (that you have in your home country) with other major online marketplaces across the world. In this way, your business will truly transform to become a multinational setup having a globally renowned recognition.

You don’t need to worry about your sales tax on products anymore. Our specialized BigCommerce services team of experts will integrate your BigCommerce store with Avalara Avatax so that your sales tax is calculated automatically without any hassle. Thus, our team will keep you updated regarding your income generated after-tax so that you can get an insight into your residual profits with ease and make reinvestment plans accordingly.

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