Case Study/

Amazon's Pet Category Domination: Catapulting Sales (Overall Sales & Organic Sales)

Case Overview:

This case study presents the journey of a client operating within the pet category, specializing in private label products, who sought to enhance their Amazon store overall sales and organic sales during October 2021. The client’s goal was to elevate their sales from £9,656.71 to £15,000, while addressing specific challenges related to product listings, marketing campaigns, and optimization

🎯 Client Goals

The client aimed to achieve a substantial increase in sales from £9,656.71 to £15,000 within the same product portfolio.

Challenges Faced​

Several obstacles hindered the client’s sales growth, including:

  • Limited Active Listings: Only four listings were active on the Amazon store.

  • Suboptimal Titles: Listings suffered from poor title optimization.

  • Inadequate Images: Listings lacked high-quality and engaging images.

  • Underperforming PPC: The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns were not yielding desired results.

  • Missing Back-End Search Terms: Back-end search terms were absent.

  • Listing Content Issues: Listings had content-related deficiencies.

  • Variation Setup: Listings were not organized in parent-child variations.

Steps Taken:

To address the challenges and meet the client’s goals, the following steps were executed:

  • PPC Campaign Optimization: Comprehensive PPC campaigns were initiated across all listings to enhance visibility and click-through rates.

  • Back-End Search Term Integration: Back-end search terms were strategically incorporated into all listings to enhance discoverability.

  • Parent-Child Variation Implementation: Listings were restructured into parent-child variations to improve customer navigation.

  • Keyword Research: In-depth keyword research was conducted to identify high-search-volume relevant keywords.

  • Optimized Listing Content: Each listing’s content was meticulously crafted, incorporating high-volume keywords for enhanced visibility.


The efforts yielded significant results:

  • Initial Sales (October): £9,656.71
Amazon's Pet Category Domination - November Sales
  • Sales After 2 Months (December): £16,700.53

Continuing Success:

As the client achieved the £15,000 goal, the next milestone was set at £25,000. This endeavor came with its own set of challenges, including:

  • New PPC Campaigns: The development of new PPC campaigns.

  • FBA Inventory Planning: Strategizing FBA inventory management for new items.

  • FBA Listing Creation: Establishing FBA listings for key products.

  • Enhanced A+ Content: Upgrading A+ content with comprehensive information.

  • Listing Optimization: Optimizing titles, content, and images for remaining products.

Steps Taken:

To achieve the new target, the following steps were undertaken:

  • Expanded FBA Inventory: Additional top-selling products were sent to FBA.

  • Storefront Enhancement: A more compelling storefront was created to enhance customer engagement.

  • Sponsored Brand Campaigns: Sponsored brand campaigns were launched on the improved storefront.

  • Feedback and Review Initiatives: Efforts were made to solicit feedback and reviews from satisfied buyers.


The results of these strategies were significant:

  • Sales After 5 Months (March): £28,111.18
Amazon's Pet Category Domination -After 5 Month Organic Sales

PPC Success:

The Pay-Per-Click campaigns demonstrated substantial efficacy:

  • Investment: £34,115.80

  • Sales Generated: £149,096.18

  • Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS): 22.88%

Effective Optimization Strategies:

  • Keyword Exploration: Utilizing Amazon-suggested keywords, auto-fill search terms, and competitor analysis to identify optimal long-tail keywords.

  •  Enhanced Visuals: Incorporating recommended images and videos for an improved product gallery.

  •  Compelling Listings: Enhancing listings with direct response copy and comprehensive product descriptions.

  • Review Management: Employing white-hat techniques to gather more product reviews.

  • Strategic Pricing: Optimizing product prices to boost sales and enhance rankings.

Comprehensive Account Management:

The following operational tasks are consistently managed:

  • Listing Optimization: Continuous refinement of titles, key features, descriptions, backend keywords, images, and variations.

  • Inventory Management: Efficient management of FBA inventory, inventory reports, shipments, planning, and quality assurance.

  • Order Management: Timely order processing and resolution of returns and related issues.

  • Customer Support: Prompt response to customer messages.

  • Account Health Monitoring: Vigilance over shipping, compliance, customer service, feedback, and claims.

  • Advertising Management: Skillful management of PPC campaigns, coupons, and promotions.

  • Competitor Analysis: Regular assessment of competitors and identification of growth opportunities.

  • Review and Feedback Strategies: Systematic feedback and review solicitation from satisfied buyers.


This case study showcases the transformation of a pet category private label business on Amazon, highlighting its journey from overcoming initial sales challenges to achieving remarkable sales growth through optimization, strategic campaigns, and diligent account management. The demonstrated success underscores the importance of a holistic approach to enhance Amazon sales and brand presence