Sometimes people go to any grocery store and ask “What things do you have?”. In Amazon’s case, people wonder, “What things they don’t have!”. Amazon is famously known to offer a vast range of products and services that it is simply not just a one-stop for customers but also for the sellers. With an “A-to-z” product range offered as acclaimed by the company, Amazon has simply got synonymous with online shopping and thus holds one-sided domination over digital marketplaces. Whoever has an online business will most definitely have an account on Amazon Seller Central. Therefore, keeping in view the significance Amazon holds, Spectrum BPO offer the services of a professionally trained team who will be able to perform the following actions for your account:


  • Adding New Products/Categories, Listing, Optimization, and Customization
  • Creating Parent/Child Variations
  • Effective Management of both FBA and FBM inventories
  • Amazon Flat File for full/partial updates in multiple listings
  • Content Marketing for Product Detail Pages along with effective keyword research
  • Customer Support (Purchase Follow-up, Product Review, and Seller Feedback Follow-up, Template Messaging through Feedback Genius & Feedback Whiz)
  • Inventory Marketing and Keyword Bidding adjustment through Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Creating Lightning & Flash Deals, Coupons, and Promotion Codes
  • Fulfilling Non-Amazon orders through Multi-Channel Fulfillments (MCF)
  • Updating Tracking for orders
  • Creating Business Reports
  • Build International Listings (BIL)