Without any doubt, Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace that is renowned to offer a vast range of products and services for its customers. Launched in 1996, this mega marketplace of Jeff Bezos now has millions of businesses and millions of customers worldwide. Today, over 200 million shoppers visit and buy from Amazon every month that makes it a go-to choice for buying products.

The reason behind Amazon’s success is its “A-to-z” product offerings as acclaimed by the company. However, it also holds immense significance due to another essential factor –  becoming a millionaire seller.

Amazon Seller Central is the epitome of success when it comes to setting up a successful online business. No matter whether you are an old player in the market and have just stepped in with a newly established business, you must be having an account on Amazon Seller Central. However, numerous sellers across the globe hire an Amazon consultant to manage their Seller Central profile.

These consultants are designated to effectively work on Amazon marketing services as well as deal with all account issues while seeking a resolution with Amazon Seller Customer Service. Considering the aforementioned importance of this mega marketplace, Team Spectrum BPO provides top-notch Amazon services that will be helpful while you climb up on the mountains of success.

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Once you’ve established yourself as a seller on Amazon Seller Central, one of the most essential things to get your business running is to sell your products. Team Spectrum BPO offers an exquisite range of Amazon listing services through which our Amazon experts will breathe soul into your brand new inventory by performing the following tasks:

Single and Bulk listings

Our experts will list your products and un-gate the categories through single and bulk listings depending upon your product range. With quality listing optimization and customization services, your listings will outrank your competitors in every aspect.

Stand-alone & Parent/Child variations

If you operate as a small enterprise on Amazon with few but hot products, then our experts will list your products as stand-alone listings. However, for large firms with hundreds or thousands of products, we would create Parent/Child variations for similar product categories to make it easier for your buyers to choose from multiple options of one landing page instead of numerous stand-alone Product Detail Pages (PDP). For this purpose, we would use the Amazon Flat File.

With Amazon Flat File, we will efficiently work on the flat file data for full-scale or partial optimization of product listings in your inventory. Thus, making them fully ready to go live and ready for generating sales.

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

It might be possible that you get some orders on your other marketplace accounts and you’re out of stock over there. Luckily, you are in-stock on your Amazon store but you don’t know how you can use the Amazon inventory to fulfill the orders of other marketplaces. In this case, Team Spectrum BPO will assist you with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment. In this way, you will get your Non-Amazon orders fulfilled by Amazon using your FBA inventory placed at Amazon fulfillment center.

Build International Listings (BIL)

Amazon listing services further extend to Build International Listings (BIL) option, our Amazon experts will assist you to sell in different other countries. For example, if you are a seller in the United States, we will assist you to launch an account to sell on Amazon Canada, Amazon Mexico, Australia, UAE, India, Europe and all other places where the marketplace of Amazon exists. In this way, you will become a multinational seller by true means.

Content Marketing for Product Detail Pages (PDPs)

Next up in our Amazon services list is Content Marketing. As someone famously said that “Content is the King”, Spectrum BPO fully honors the prestige of that king by offering high-quality content optimization for your listings. It includes the enhancement of your images, title, bullets, and product description of your Product Detail Pages (PDPs). It is one of the most essential components in Amazon Marketing Services that brings traffic to your PDPs and ranks your products in search results.

Our team will also research for the high-volume keywords and search terms that are expected to lead high traffic towards your PDPs and promote your product rankings subsequently. We use the latest software tools for this purpose to produce high-quality and accurate research. Afterward, we will include the best-generated keywords spread across the entire PDP. These changes will trigger Amazon filters and Google bots to push up your listings in customer search results.

Whether you are a private label seller, vendor, drop shipper or a large established retailer in the market, we will handle your FBA & FBM inventories with utmost perfection. Although the inventory setup is different for the aforementioned types of sellers, our experts perfectly know what type of inventory they are dealing with and therefore, create competitive inventory strategies accordingly. You want to get your products listed, done. You want to have quality optimization and customization for your Product Detail Pages, no issues at all. We have a highly qualified Amazon consultant team that delivers premium Amazon services in exactly the way you want and carefully follow all your instructions regarding the tasks of your Amazon account.

Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA)

While providing Amazon services for FBA (Fulfillment-by-Amazon) inventories, we will adequately:

  • Monitor the latest reviews and feedback of customers regarding your products and services respectively. we will also reply to those reviews and feedback to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • Deal with different customer queries and providing them effective support throughout their buying process using template messaging
  • Manage FBA Shipments while ensuring that all of your dispatched items have safely reached the fulfillment centers of Amazon
  • Create Removal Orders for damaged, defected, or expired items
  • Fulfill non-Amazon orders through Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment option

Fulfillment-by-Merchant (FBM)

For FBM inventories, we provide the following Amazon services:

  • Create Order Reports for Clients to let them keep a track record of daily sales
  • Communicate with suppliers about the dispatch of shipments to the customers mentioned in order reports
  • Updating the tracking numbers of dispatched orders
  • Dealing with Customer’s A-to-z Guarantee Claims

Generally, we provide the following Amazon services for both FBA & FBM inventories:

  • Optimize the content and images of your product detail pages
  • Update the price and quantity of your products with the help of inventory reports
  • Assisting clients with Amazon Early Reviewer Rewards (for start-up businesses)
  • Create cases with Amazon Seller Customer Service regarding different account issues
  • Promoting your products through several Amazon Advertising strategies
  • Analyzing and Modifying Business Reports
  • Working on International Listings through Amazon BIL – Build International Listings portal


Our team will efficiently manage your orders, especially for FBM inventory, by promptly updating the tracking for shipments so that the customers are informed as soon as their orders are dispatched to their address. Moreover, if the customers want to return the product or ask for a refund, our Amazon experts will make sure that all returns are managed smoothly without a glitch.

Amazon is although the world’s biggest online marketplace and has the trust of infinite customers and sellers. However, such a mega marketplace does not mean that it is free of any glitch or mistakes. Sometimes, Amazon commits an error that might be frustrating for the sellers. To deal with such problems and making sure that your customers are not affected by such errors, Spectrum BPO offers the following customer support services for its clients:

  • Creating Cases with Amazon Seller Partner Support on certain issues. Such as:
  • Errors in receiving and recording the number of FBA shipments received at their fulfillment centers
  • Allowing a negative review of the customer to get published on an FBA listing which was regarding fulfillment experience
  • PPC not generating ideal results despite putting all the best efforts on keyword research, bids, and campaign creations
  • The PDP link gets redirected to some other page
  • Keeping a follow-up with customers to ensure that the product is delivered to them safe and sound.
  • Following-up with the carrier service if the shipment gets lost between the transit process


Thus, in this case, Amazon has a designated resolution center called Amazon Seller Customer Service. Team Spectrum BPO can effectively create written cases as well as talk with Amazon Seller Customer Service on your behalf to resolve your different account issues. We’ll keep a follow-up on your case log until the problem is fully resolved by Amazon while making sure that your customers aren’t affected in this process.

Amazon marketing services further offer a vast range of inventory marketing tools to entice customers for making a purchase. Thus Spectrum BPO is an ideal Amazon marketing agency you must be looking for. Our team can effectively work on a successful Amazon marketing strategy using the aforementioned tools to create and optimize various advertisements and promotional campaigns for your product listings.

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

For PPC, we will run numerous campaigns using top-notch keywords. Although the PPC Campaigns will be different depending on what type of seller you are on Amazon i.e. A private label seller, drop shipper, vendor, or retailer. Every time, the PPC approach for each type of seller will be distinctive and our Amazon experts can effectively work on all types of PPC Campaigns. With a set of competitive and unique PPC strategies, you will surely be able to see the results of your campaigns within one week.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Moreover, our dedicated team will also design an attractive Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for your PDPs that will make your listings get a competitive edge over other sellers. With an iconic combination of text and graphics, EBC adds value to a dull and boring description while making it more lively and interesting for a customer.

Our highly experienced content writers and graphic designers collaborate on a mutual basis to step-up your listings from being better to become the best. Whatever they will write and design respectively will be purely based on contemporary trends of the market.

Amazon Sumerian

Nowadays, technology is getting revolutionized as we are progressing towards the future. As the business environment is always dynamic, firms are always on their feet to gear themselves up and adapt themselves with the latest changes in technology. With Amazon Sumerian, 2D images are part of history now. we will proudly say that Spectrum BPO is one of the best Amazon marketing agency that has exceptional experts who can efficiently work on Amazon Sumerian. We offer top-notch virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D renderings through Amazon Sumerian. So make your listings and storefront a moving reality and get a competitive edge to earn a Unique Selling Point to attract a vast number of potential brand-loyal customers.

If you want high-quality optimization for your Amazon listing images, our prolific graphic designers will serve you with delicious imagery that will attract customers at first glance. As soon as your products create impressions, they will quickly appeal to the customers to click and add your products in their cart. All this will happen due to the high-resolution photos that will not get scrolled up in Amazon search pages without a click!

Our Amazon consultant team will constantly monitor essential seller metrics to ensure that your Amazon Seller Central experience does not get messed up with late shipments, defected orders or A-to-z claims. We will ensure that all key metrics of your seller account are intact and according to the Amazon policies.

Check out our subscription package details that start with as low as $399! Get high-quality consultancy services for your Amazon Account while working with our specialized Amazon services team. Hire your Amazon expert today.

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