Why Sell on Amazon?

Did you know that over 200 million shoppers visit Amazon’s website every month and with this much traffic, Amazon has become the center-point of the overall consumer journey for millions of brands and retailers? For retail in 2018, there was only one word that was on everybody lips: Amazon. Sales for Amazon surged passed $200 billion in 2018, increasing 31% to $232.9 billion, compared with $177 billion in 2017. Among many reasons quoted for the substantial financial gains was the performance of Amazon’s Third-Party sellers aka 3P sellers. More than 50% of the units sold on Amazon over the holidays were from 3P sellers and it’s growing every year. Simply put: the opportunity is massive and it’s never been more crucial for brands and retailers to gain exposure to a wide audience and increase your sales volume exponentially by selling on Amazon marketplace.

You need to know this:

Beware! Amazon has certain requirements for its platform so managing an Amazon business requires a seller to invest a considerable amount of time, energy and have specialized knowledge to meet Amazon performance standards. Don’t have the time and the knowledge to be on top of the game and crush your competition? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! What could be more peaceful than investing in a professional Virtual Assistant having hands-on experience in building and maintaining a profitable Amazon business?

Hire an Amazon expert today and reap all the perks you can while growing your Amazon business successfully.

Our Services for Amazon:

Product Listing
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Amazon Advertising
Orders & Returns Management
Inventory Management
Editing & Designing Product Images
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
Key Seller Metrics Management
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