Amazon Case Study

Optimizing Amazon Presence Via Listings, Parentage Adjustments, Product Launch, Classification Inaccuracies, Manufacturer Name Discrepancies.


In November 2023, Olivier, the owner of Aligma, engaged our services to address challenges associated with product listing creation on Amazon UK and other international marketplaces. The issues included inaccurate product categorization, discrepancies in manufacturer names, and the need for documentation to obtain Amazon’s Authentic Seller status.

Our mission was to not only reinstate Oliver’s listings but also launch a new product successfully.

Challenges & Objectives:

Upon assuming responsibility for Aligma’s Amazon account, several critical challenges hindering Oliver’s success were identified:

  • Inaccurate Product Classification and Information:
    A significant number of product listings were inaccurately categorized, leading to misinformation on the Amazon backend. Additionally, documentation required for product validation was insufficient.

  • Discrepancies in Manufacturer Names:
    Inconsistencies in manufacturer names resulted in inactive listings, as Amazon strictly enforces exact adherence to official documentation.

  • International Listings Optimization:
    Adapting to Oliver’s global sales objectives, we shifted the source marketplace from the United States to the United Kingdom, establishing linkages with other Amazon marketplaces for future expansion.

The Goal:

Our primary objectives were to rectify the inaccuracies in product listings, address manufacturer name discrepancies, and optimize listings for international markets. The ultimate aim was to facilitate successful product launches on Amazon.


  • Listing Optimization:
    Conducted a comprehensive audit of product listings to ensure accuracy and completeness of SKU information, addressing discrepancies in titles, descriptions, pricing, and other attributes.

  • Parentage Adjustments:
    Employed a carefully structured approach to recategorize products under relevant parent categories, enhancing organization and customer discoverability.

  • Manufacturer Name and Data Corrections:
    Undertook a comprehensive review to ensure accuracy and consistency in product information, including manufacturer names, specifications, and ingredient lists.

  • Successful Product Launch:
    The launch of Spiruliana was meticulously planned, addressing identified errors and issues, ensuring a smooth market entry through unwavering commitment and rigorous testing.


The outcome of our strategies and implementation was the successful reinstatement and approval of Oliver’s listings. Spiruliana’s launch was a triumph, showcasing the effectiveness of our efforts in resolving technical issues and optimizing product information.

Clients' Feedback:

Client feedback affirmed the impact of our dedication and meticulous planning in overcoming Amazon-related challenges. Oliver’s satisfaction highlighted the transformation of Aligma’s Amazon account into a thriving business.

Positive Client Review - Case Study - 4 Strategic Solutions


The Aligma case study emphasizes the significance of strategic problem-solving methodologies and unwavering commitment in achieving success when creating listings to sell on Amazon. Through our collaborative efforts with Oliver, we not only addressed existing challenges but also propelled Aligma towards sustained growth on the Amazon platform.